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Hi-Pro Feeds is a livestock feed manufacturing company made up of four mills in Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Founded in 1968, Hi-Pro Feeds has long been dedicated to quality feed, top notch nutrition, and caring customer service. For more information, visit our website at https://www.hiprofeeds.com/.


  • Hi-Pro Sendero Minerals
    Hi-Pro Feeds Sendero minerals are formulated using the most up to date pasture nutrient levels, water mineral interactions, and research on mineral utilization to provide the minerals that are deficient in most of our native pastures....

  • What is mineral and why do we supplement?

    Mineral supplements are a necessary part of a successful nutritional program to maintain productivity in your livestock. Minerals contribute to the efficiency of essential body functions. Not only is a full nutrition program vital for maintaining the health of your cows during pregnancy and calving, but research shows that higher nutrient intake of the cow allows for greater nutrient transfer to the fetus. This "fetal programming" affects the offspring’s DNA in such a way that they are able to utilize nutrients and minerals more than offspring that were exposed to less minerals in utero. 

    Additionally, while minerals are important to bodily functions, they can also contribute to the potential health problems caused by high levels of antagonistic minerals in livestock water sources. For example, a water source with high sulfur content can be troublesome because high sulfur levels can restrict water intake of the animal. The sulfur in the water can bind with copper to make it unavailable to the animal. To manage this, some herds will require higher levels of copper in their diets. This slight change in the diet can help reduce sickness and death loss when the calves go through the feedlot.

    To browse our full line of mineral and cattle feed products, click here: https://www.hiprofeeds.com/products/usa/beef

  • Hi-Pro Beef Feeds
    Not all feed is created equal. At Hi-Pro Feeds, we produce only the highest performing feed products to the most stringent standards and with an unwavering focus on consistent quality....

  • As a purebred, commercial, cow, calf or feedlot producer, we have the feed you need to optimize your operation.

    Our complete line of trace vitamins and minerals, processed grains and supplements are balanced for the health and productivity of your cattle. Our dedicated beef team understands the challenges associated with feeding cattle in ever-changing environmental conditions.

    This is why we focus our efforts on research that will enhance the performance of your cattle and support your business.

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