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SBG in an award-winning company which develops real-time analysis systems for competitors, teams, regulators and spectators in professional world class sports.

USCC will see latest versions of specialist performance analysis systems MatchTrackerFocus and SBG Hub. Favoured by elite soccer clubs worldwide these applications are used for recruitment and opposition scouting, live in-game decision support and post-match team and individual performance analysis.

SBG customers include 75% of Premier League football teams as well as international federations like UEFA, FIFA and Six Nations rugby. 

From strategy software for Formula 1 to performance analysis and decision support tools for elite sports, SBG products process and synchronise multiple sources of video, audio, and live data, for precision prediction, planning, analysis and review.

Brands: MatchTracker assists coaches/analysts with opposition scouting, player performance analysis & live in-game alerts. Focus records multiple video angles for instant replay, tagging & clipping on tablet

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  • SBG Sports Software is excited to announce it will be exhibiting at the United Soccer Coaches Convention in Baltimore, January 15-20th 2020, booth #1193.

    SBG will be showcasing latest versions of specialist performance analysis systems MatchTracker, Focus and SBG Hub. Favoured by elite soccer clubs worldwide these applications are used for recruitment and opposition scouting, live in-game decision support and post-match team and individual performance analysis. SBG offers coaches and analysts end to end workflows with synchronised video and performance statistics to boost tactical data-driven insights.

    SBG will be demonstrating MatchTracker, its leading soccer analysis solution which combines multiple data sources with video, and allows users to visualise animations, create customisable alerts, produce automated tagging and clip video based on AI and templates.
    USCC is an opportunity to see Focus, SBG’s multi-channel recording, instant replay, tagging and clipping application. Focus is designed for easy pitch-side interaction and instant training review.
    See how SBG Hub brings together the team’s workflow by sharing clips, playlists and data from MatchTracker and Focus. SBG Hub is a cloud-based sharing and workflow automation solution. This fully customisable native app is a vital asset for any squad on the move.

    Simon Cuff, commercial director at SBG Sports Software, comments that “USCC is always a great way to connect and knowledge share with elite coaches and analysts in North America. Our close connection to end users and agile development process enables us to maintain our leadership position and keep our customers at the forefront of performance analytics.”

    To see how SBG can help with your team’s strategy systems, please visit us at booth #1193


  • SBG Focus and MatchTracker
    Capture every moment of training and competitive events with instant replay, live clipping and custom tagging. Focus & MatchTracker are the go-to solutions for coaches to review both team and individual performance....

  • SBG FOCUS is used by competitors, officials and organisations in a wide range of sports to record multiple angles to tablets, laptops and workstations from all the video sources available at any event. Focus is intuitive and optimised to provide interactivity and touch control for pitch-side interaction as well as enabling collaborative viewing and sharing of video and tags.

    Record multiple channels live with instant replay and custom tagging

    Enhance your workflow by bringing multiple video angles together into an intuitive and responsive UI.

    Collaborate and share timelines across multiple platforms (MacOS, iOS, Windows 10).

    Explore live with 2-way integration with many 3rd-party applications.

    Customise timeline and tagging templates with hotkeys and activation links for efficient analysis.

    Clip to instantly share playlists with coaches and players or to present during breaks in play.

    Live touchline tablet mode

    Navigate intuitively around the application with the user-friendly interface designed specifically for tablet devices.

    Bring video into your training sessions to interact with coaches and players. Capture and integrate any camera sources from HDMI hand-helds, to fixed CCTV cameras and drones.

    Package up Video and Analysis for Post-match review

    Create powerful presentations for breakouts and post-match.

    Annotate video with easy to use and impactful drawing tools.

    Add graphics, build slides and incorporate external video.

    Present directly from the application or export a video to share with the team.

    Generate packages of timelines and video for easy distribution.

    Export videos as mp4 and data analysis as CSV and XML files.


    SBG MatchTracker is the leading elite soccer analysis solution for coaches and analysts which combines multiple data sources with video, allowing users to visualise stats, create customisable alerts, produce automated tagging and clip video based on AI & templates.

    MatchTracker powers 70% of the Premier League™ as well as dozens of clubs and Federations across the world’s top tier competitions.

    Pre-Match Planning: Bring everything together

    Synchronise tracking, eventing and tagging data with unlimited video angles for a complete view of each game.

    Scout the competition by analysing tactical and technical performance across multiple games to review the trends, spot patterns and identify strengths and weaknesses.

    In-Game Performance Analysis: Positional and eventing data synchronised with unlimited video angles

    Find key game moments with automated alerts and customised auto tagging. Build dashboards with comprehensive filtering and sorting. Assemble collections to deep dive into specific aspects of play.

    Visualise hundreds of new KPIs and metrics generated from combined data feeds with graphics & animations. All windows have a pitch map and charting mode.

    Export tracking animations with overlays as an mp4.

    Post-Game Review: Instantly generate individual player reports and clips

    Use dashboards to assemble analysis for post match reporting and export templates to rapidly generate CVSs and XMLs.

    Deliver half-time and post-match data-driven presentations with high visual impact.

    Share video and data insights with the coaching and analysis team with Packages.

    “I’d recommend MatchTracker for its speed. You can ingest data so quickly and get bespoke metrics ready for action straight away”, Tom Goodall, First Team Data Analyst, Derby County FC