Latec Advanced Manufacturing Ltd.

Shandong,  Jinan 
  • Booth: E6-A20


LATEC Advanced Manufacturing Ltd. is a science and technology enterprise with core technology in additive manufacturing, especially directed energy deposition (DED, or so called LMD/LENS) technology. The company provides completed solutions for customers in additive manufacturing and remanufacturing, including equipment, products and technical consulting.

The company's core technology team has many years’ experience in laser processing and additive manufacturing. LATEC provides a wide range of equipment to R&D facilities and industries such as aerospace, automotive, energy, mold and medical. The company also has capability in product design, production development, reverse engineering mechanical analysis and structural optimization in additive manufacturing, helping the customers reduce production costs, improve product quality and increase competence.

The company’s products include:

LATEC LAM series, which adopt controlled atmosphere with Ar recycling system to achieve a low O2 level (<20ppm). It can be used to manufacture titanium alloy and aluminum alloy. Meanwhile, it is based on coaxial wire/powder feeding mechanism, which has 100% material utilization. It is especially suitable for R&D, new material development and repairing of small titanium alloy parts.

LATEC HMC series are hybrid manufacturing systems which integrate both additive and subtractive process in one platform. It has high production efficiency and accuracy. It has a five-axis simultaneously motion system and is suitable for products with high complexity such as blades and molds.

The LATEC LOM series are additive manufacturing system based on industrial robots. The system uses 7/8 axis motion system and has up to 3m workspace. The system can be used for the manufacturing and remanufacturing of cylindrical components and components with curved surfaces, such as crankshafts, hydraulic cylinders and steel molds.

Brands: 山东雷石为客户提供金属增材制造全套技术解决方案,秉承“技术一流,专业专注,服务至上”的信念,赋能企业,助力科研机构和高校,公司利用自身在全球增材制造领域的技术优势和专业经验为客户创造持续价值,让客户在智能制造产业升级过程中取得竞争优势!