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Dymax旗下品牌Bomar低聚物有多款产品可用于配制SLA, DLP和3D喷墨打印机用油墨和树脂。我们的材料具有不同的玻璃化转变温度(Tg)和机械性能,可同时满足配方师对于粘度和流动性的需求。我们的低聚物不但能满足在上述应用所需的机械性能,而且耐黄变、高透明、显色稳定,使产品外形美观。含Bomar低聚物的配方产品耐冲击性强,耐摔耐用。如果现有的低聚物产品不符合您的应用需求,Dymax低聚物和涂料团队可与您一同研发定制的产品。

Bomar oligomers are ideal for formulating printing inks and resins for stereolithography (SLA), digital light processing (DLP), and 3D inkjet printers. The selection consists of oligomers with varying tgs that allow for flexibility in mechanical properties. The oligomers also cover a large range of viscosities so formulators can achieve the flow characteristics they desire. In addition to the mechanical properties these oligomers provide, they also are non-yellowing for higher clarity and offer color stability for better looking objects. Formulations using Bomar oligomers also gain high impact resistance, making them more durable against dropping and every day wear. If one of our existing oligomers do not provide the desired properties for your application, Dymax O&C can work with you to develop a custom oligomer.

Brands: Dymax Oligomers & Coatings manufacturers advanced performance materials for energy (UV/EB), light, and other free-radical cure applications.