Oryx Additive

惠州市,  广东省 
  • Booth: E5-M52

Oryx Additive帮您透过集成解决方案,将增材制造产品提升到新的水平

Oryx Additive is a revenue-generating startup spun out of PADT, a 25-year-old successful Arizona-based engineering and design additive manufacturing company. Our goal is to help drive the growth necessary for the additive manufacturing (3D printing) industry to reach the next level. We do this by developing wholistic solutions focused on customer interface and robust systems-engineering based solutions. Indeed, our product family of the Support Cleaning Apparatus (SCA) line has become invaluable tools for many additive manufacturers across the globe, with more than 13,000 units currently in operation over the past 10 years. We ask the right questions to understand customers’ production roadblocks then use knowledge and experience to develop innovative solutions and drive to achieve results with respects to each other.

Brands: Oryx Additive的使命是利用系统化的创新思维和扎实的专业工程经验,创造出满足增材制造客户所需要的全方位加工处理服务及配套设备。行业的共同愿景,是将增材制造工艺,广泛的推动到各式各样创新的应用和产品的整合。