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30 年来,对客户业务需求持续深入的关注推动了公司有针对性的创新,目前公司已获得批准和
待批准的增材技术专利共有 1200 项,这些创新 在从设计原型到制造模具再到最终生产零件的
Stratasys 解决方案和专业知识营造的 3D 打印生态系统由先进材料,具有立体像素级别控 制的
软件,精确、可重复、可靠的 FDM 和 PolyJet 3D 打印机。Stratasys 实现了增材在现实世界中
的潜力,提供突破性的行业特定应用,从而 加快业务流程、优化价值链以及推动全球数以千计
Stratasys (NASDAQ: SSYS) is a global leader in applied additive technology solutions for
industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Healthcare, Consumer Products and Education.
For nearly 30 years, a deep and ongoing focus on customers’ business requirements has
fueled purposeful innovations—1,200 granted and pending additive technology patents to
date—that create new value across product lifecycle processes, from design prototypes to
manufacturing tools and final production parts.3D printers are used in the medical industry
for everything from device design concepts, functional prototypes, and tooling to training and
simulation of complicated surgeries.