Becker Vacuum and Air Equipment (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd

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德国贝克成立于1885 年,成立之初是一家机械厂。时至今日,贝克制造的真空泵和压缩机几乎
Gebr.Becker was founded as a machine factory in 1885. Today, Becker produces vacuum
pumps and compressors for applications in virtually all walks of industry. Its Wuppertal
headquarters, plant at Apolda and Shanghai supply hi-tech products for clients all over the
world. A globe-spanning service and sales network with numerous Becker-owned subsidiaries
provide reliable support at local level. In total, the medium-sized company today employs
about 800 staff worldwide. Ingenuity and experience as well as intensive cooperation with
various universities provide the basis for a never-ending stream of new products, such as
intelligent vacuum pumps and compressors from the VARIAIR product family. Becker has
patented many of its pioneering technical innovations.