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安全、高效、长寿命!HERDING 永久过滤器,金属3D打印过滤系统的最佳选择!

As a licensed Partner of Herding GmbH Filtertechnik (HERDING), Beijing Clean Air Technology innovation Co., Ltd (CATICO). is engaged in research & design, fabrication and service of all series of Herding® Patented Sinter Plate Filter unit in China.Sinter Plate filter technology is a revolutionary breakthrough in air filtration technology field in the past 30 years. Sinter Plate filter unit, with emission up to 0.1 mg/m3, life cycle up to more than 10 years, water and oil repellent, lower wear and tear,extensively chemical resistance and antistatic, is now widely used in a variety of fields such as Chemical, pharmacy, metallurgy, power plant, automobile industry, building material, mining and addtive manufacturing etc, and has proven to be of excellent performance.

Brands: 秉承为用户提供最合适产品的理念,北京柯林柯尔科技发展有限公司与德国禾鼎过滤技术有限公司协同工作,共享数据库资源,从现场原始数据的测定、分析,产品的设计、制造、安装、调试到用户的培训与售后跟踪,为用户提供全方位服务。