Redwood City,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: E6-C59

Carbon is a tech company based in Silicon Valley that is enabling some of the world’s most well-known brands such as adidas, Riddell, Ford and Johnson & Johnson to create innovative products with 3D printing technology. Founded in 2013 and launched on the TED stage in 2015, Carbon is the world’s leading digital manufacturing platform that drives accelerated product innovation. With the Carbon Digital Manufacturing Platform, powered by breakthrough Digital Light Synthesis™ technology, companies can finally break free of the constraints of traditional manufacturing methods to make real products at speeds and volumes never before possible, finally fulfilling the promise of 3D printing. Carbon has customers in 14 countries and is continuing to expand globally in Europe and Asia. The company has more than 500 employees globally and is growing rapidly.

Carbon 是美国硅谷的科技公司,它用3D打印技术助力世界著名的公司,如阿迪达斯,瑞德尔,福特及强生,创造出革新的产品。Carbon成立于2013年,在2015年的TED舞台上广为关注,致力于以世界领先的数字制造平台加速推动产品的创新。凭借Carbon的数字制造平台及其突破性的DLS(电子光合成)技术,用户终于可以摆脱传统制造方法的束缚,达到曾经是天方夜谭的生产速度和数量,最终实现了3D打印的承诺。Carbon的用户遍布14个国家,并迅速地在欧洲及亚洲扩展。公司在全球已超过500名员工且不断地快速增长。