Boisbriand,  QC 
  • Booth: E5-E17, W5-E17

AP&C Powder Metallurgy Materials

As specialists in spherical metal powder production designed for additive manufacturing, AP&C offers quality powders for all additive manufacturing technologies. Our level of precision powders is available at competitive prices–allowing for reliable and cost-efficient production. 


AP&C is the leader in the production of Titanium and Nickel alloys. Our unique process produces highly spherical metal powder designed for excellent flowability and low porosity. 

Advanced plasma atomization

AP&C’s proprietary Advanced Plasma Atomization (APA™) are well adapted for all additive manufacturing technologies – from R&D to large-scale production, offering exceptional flowability, purity and density with a very low level of porosity. The high quality of their powder allows for more precise printing and batch-to-batch consistency.