Ordnance Science Institute

Ningbo,  Zhejiang 
  • Booth: C54

Powder Material Preparation Center (PMPC) is the independent research and production department established by the Ningbo Branch of Chinese Academy of Orndance Science dedicated to the development and application of high quality spherical metal powder. PMPChas imported EIGA pulverizing equipment, which has a mature and stable production process for preparing all kinds of spherical metal powder, especially titanium andtitanium alloy, Ti-Al alloy, zirconium alloy, nickel alloy, Fe-based amorphous powder and other kinds of spherical powder. We can also provide special powder product according to the customer's various demand.After more than 6 years of development, PMPC has a mature and stable technical research and development team, with the capability of producing over 20 tons of high quality sphericalmetal powder annually. At the same time, We have established a strict quality assurance system, which can ensure the stability of powder product quality.