Pera Additive

  • Booth: J30

Pera Global is committed to the layout of a complete additive ecological chain strategy. In 2018, it acquired Hangzhou DediBot and established Pera Additive Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou in 2019.From a global perspective, the company integrates the complete industrial chain from design to manufacturing and to service, forming the core value of "Advanced design and intelligent manufacturing centered on additive thinking", and committed to building an additive manufacturing industry ecosystem and providing customers with comprehensive one-stop solutions. Pera Additive has established an independent technology shelf based on the APRO control system and material library. It has a complete additive manufacturing material matrix and additive manufacturing equipment matrix, and relies on the rich technical and service experience in the field of industrial simulation, and through advanced design concepts such as generative design and DFAM, it has reached strategic cooperation with multiple high-end customers in different industries such as aerospace, construction, medical, and automotive.