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SMT:CAS Key Laboratory of Space Manufacturing Technology(SMT) with its industrialization company Beijing Spaceworks Technology Co. Ltd. (refer as “Spaceworks”) has now launched full chain 3D printing technology for rapid and highly precise prototyping of high-performance ceramic materials, which covers printing consumables, prototyping, post-processing and degreasing sintering. Based on highly precise ceramic 3D printers including CeraMatrix (material research), CeraMatrix Pro (small batch production) and ProMaker V6000 (mass production), Spaceworks provides clients with integrated manufacturing solutions to highly precise ceramics with feature size from 100 μm to 0.5 m. QUICKDEMOS:The core team of QuickDemos grew up in top universities, building up solid experiences in advanced materials and 3D printer development, and has developed industrial-grade 3D printers which are specially designed for ceramics and ceramic/metal complex materials. Now the materials and hardware from QuickDemos are servicing high-value uses in aerospace, medical, marine and energy etc. QuickDemos has established in-depth collaborations with many top research institutions, ready to providing customized solutions for all partners.