Ningbo,  Zhejiang 
  • Booth: E56

Ningbo Zhongyuan Advanced Materials Technologies Co., Ltd. uses first-class powder production technology by vacuum gas atomization, to engage in R&D with production of Titanium alloy powder, Nickel-based alloy powder for super alloy, mould steel powder, Aluminium alloy powder, Cobalt-based alloy powder, heat-resistant alloy steel powder, amorphous alloy powder, brazing powder, etc. Our products are applied in the fields of additive manufacturing, aerospace, medical treatment, nuclear industry, spraying, intelligent manufacturing, etc. We aim at the global high-end metal powder market.The sphericity, oxygen content, fluidity and particle size distribution of Zhongyuan advanced metal powder have reached the first-class level of similar products in the world. Our products are positioned in the domestic and international market of high quality metal powder.Zhongyuan is committed to building a national brand with core technology. We sincerely look forward to cooperating with you wholeheartedly!!