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North Bridge New Material Technology (Suzhou) CO., Ltd (Brand Kexcelled) is the world's leading supplier of 3D printing materials. Our 3D printer filaments products cover almost all major types of polymer materials, and keep in the leading position in North America Amazon sales and own the word of good reputations for long-term. Kexcelled provides almost the most complete and rich 3D filaments products in the industry, from high performance PEEK, PPSU, ULTEM, to balance performance and ease of use PA12, PA6, PC, high temperature resistant PC, PA CF, etc. , as well as from 70A to 70D different soft hardness and elasticity of more than 10 types of TPU, of course, also includes the materials for the consumer-grade users and a variety of ordinary and special effects, such as PLA and PETG. Kexcelled also ensures that all products can meet the industry's first-class quality standards. At the same time, we also provides dental mold resin, lead resin, casting resin, washable resin and other highly technical content and application value of the photosensitive resin industry solutions.