Nova Opto

wuhan,  hubei 
  • Booth: N30

Wuhan Nova Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd is located in China's optoelectronics industry hot spot-----Wuhan Optics Valley of China,is a provider of 3D printing rapid prototyping laser photoelectric high-tech enterprises related devices and solutions. As Germany SCANLAB strategic partner in China,Nova Optical is committed to domestic customers with leading 3D printing accessories and services,to promote the development of domestic 3D printng industry to make unremitting efforts. Our main products are: Germany SCANLAB full range of high-speed and high-precision galvanometer.varioSCAN dynamic focusing mirror,hurrySCAN scanning galvanometer,intelliSCAN scanning galvanometer,SCANcubeIII scanning galvanometer,etc. Germany SCANLAB RTC3, RTC4, RTC5, RTC6 marking cards.