Uniqair Technologies  

Vancouver-Abbotsford,  BC 
  • Booth: 1120

Cold Plasma Sustainable Stack Odor Control without Chemicals

UNIQAIR: we are the originators of cold plasma odor control systems for petfood dryer stack emissions.

Unlike incinerators, chemical/water scrubbers or bio-systems, Plasma-Injector is an oxidizer that does not need any water or chemicals, does not generate any waste and is most economical.

Compact, sustainable and easy to install with T-adapter to each stack.

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 Press Releases

  • SUSTAINABLE odor control of dryers/coolers/air-conveyance air exhaust without any water, chemicals or waste: UNIQAIR is the leading supplier of PLASMA-INJECTOR cold plasma odor control systems for the petfood industry world wide with the most advanced and safe 30,000Hz plasma reactors. Unique constant power and non-combustable design now patented or patent pending in over 40 countries. The Plasma Reactor Cylinders come with a FULL WARRANTY program for constant operational cost. More info info@uniqair.com or www.uniqair.com or visit us at Pet Food Forum booth 1120.
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