Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes

Kennesaw,  GA 
United States
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Probiotics & Enzymes for Digestive Health In Pets

Digestive support is a priority for pets, and for both cats and dogs, many studies have shown that a healthy population of gut bacteria is vital to a healthy functioning gastrointestinal tract. A probiotic supplement formulation for pets can help balance their intestinal microflora and thus provide better resistance to digestive issues.

Digestive enzyme supplements are useful for pets with sensitive stomachs or other digestive system upsets, as well as in food transitioning. Enzyme supplements can also benefit pets that are unable to produce enough of their own enzymes, which can become an issue for older pets as they age.

Deerland specializes in developing science-backed solutions that benefit microbiome health, using probiotic, prebiotic and enzyme technology.  In addition to developing custom formulation solutions, the company offers a line of branded ingredients, including the clinically studied probiotic Bacillus subtilis DE111, a highly stable spore-forming probiotic.


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