Bruker Corporation

Billerica,  MA 
United States
  • Booth: 743

Bruker Analytical Solutions for Pet Food Safety and Quality

Bruker offers extensive analytical solutions for pet food manufacturing, from qualifying raw materials and ingredients to confirming intermediate and final product content. Our analyzers are used worldwide by customers to help maintain internal high-quality standards and to help prevent food fraud.

Stop by booth 743 to see fast, non-destructive analyzers in action.

  • Lab and at-line FT-NIR for moisture, fat, protein, fiber, and ash.
  • Lab EDXRF for high throughput elemental analysis of nutrients or minerals and contaminants.
  • Compact TXRF for ultra-trace elemental analysis as low as parts-per-billion (PPB) for QA/QC such as screening for arsenic in rice, a common pet food ingredient.
  • Specialized Micro-XRF to map elemental density of additives such as iron on kibble.
  • Portable and handheld XRF for quick measurements where and when you need them such as screening calcium and phosphorus in pet food for spot checks and at distribution centers.

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