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Prairie AquaTech

Sioux Fallx,  SD 
United States
  • Booth: 744

Prairie AquaTech, partner for better pet food ingredients.

Prairie AquaTech's mission is better ingredients for better food. This starts by sourcing the right raw materials, leads to better animal performance, and results in sustainable environmental impact.

ME-PRO® is made using a natural fermentation process where the protein content and amino acid profile of plant-based proteins are improved and anti-nutritional components impeding development are removed. The plant-based proteins used in the fermentation process are non-genetically modified and can be traced to their source. The fermentation process significantly improves the digestibility and bioavailability of the vegetable’s nutrients. ME-PRO is easily extruded and presents itself with a neutral color, neutral odor, and neutral flavor for maximum versatility in the pet food formulation.  With the high bioavailability of nutrients, there is a much more sustainable environmental impact. 

This level of improved quality and sustainability makes ME-PRO a unique pet food ingredient.


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