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Tampa,  FL 
United States
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World-class extrusion technology for pet food and treats

Clextral’s extrusion systems give you total flexibility to process dry, semi-moist, high moisture foods and treats. You can easily customize products for specific pet profiles with recipes for individual breed, gender, age, energy needs and nutritional requirements...all on the same versatile system! And satisfy pet parents with products that are convenient to store and serve, esthetically pleasing, and provide the best quality and value for their investment. 

Brands: Evolum, Evolum+, Preconditioner+, Rotante

 Press Releases

  • Clextral’s pet food experts bring decades of experience to help you reach your product goals, whether testing new ingredients, formulating new products, refreshing flagship brands, or creating the next pet food sensation. Our Test Center in Tampa, Florida, is dedicated to developing new products and improving processes. Design, laboratory testing, prototyping, small batch processing, and industrial simulation are performed independently and confidentially.

    The center is equipped with the new EVOLUM+ twin screw extruder, drying system and modular clip-on ancillaries for shaping, co-extrusion, coating (preconditioning, degassing, cutting, bi-coloration, laminating). Our on-site process engineers and research scientists assist with product development and recommend product formulation and production platforms.

  • Clextral twin-screw extrusion systems give processors the tools to make innovative and creative pet treats that are tasty for pets, appealing to consumers and enhance brand loyalty. Pet treats can aid animal health: for cleaning teeth, fighting bad breath and other veterinary uses. Increasingly, pet food producers are proposing nutraceuticals, which are nutritional supplements with pharmacological virtues.

    Clextral twin-screw technology enables pet food makers to control all process parameters to produce exactly the features they require: chewiness, crispiness, color (including multi-color processing), degree of hardness or suppleness, size, shape, airiness, flavor, etc. Recipes can be customized to cater to specific criteria: animal species, size, gender, age, energy requirements, health virtues, etc. Clextral systems integrate a wide range of ingredients into pet treats as well as additives such as texturing agents and flavor enhancers.

  • Petfood pillows are made with co-extrusion, is a 2-step process that combines two distinct characteristics: a crisp cereal based shell and a soft filling. The EVOLUM® pinching former offers maximum flexibility and creativity in shaping coextruded products in traditional or innovative shapes: pillows, triangles, tubes, bars, balls, sticks, ovals, diamond-shaped, and other specialty profiles.

    Processors can easily add variety and new flavor profiles to an existing product with this technology. Clextral’s co-extrusion platform is a clip-on module that enables processing of both filled and unfilled products on the same twin screw extruder.

  • Process hearty, protein-rich foods with real meat fiber, taste and mouthfeel from multiple protein sources: vegetable, animal, insect and more. Many innovative products are processed in the twin screw extruder using specific screw and barrel profiles that transform the proteins into the high moisture meat analog for pet food and treats.

    Versatility is a key factor in these products, as they offer a wide range of physical attributes in terms of fibration; sheets or longitudinal, surface appearance; smooth, rough, shiny, matte, even or marbled, color - light (chicken, pork or tuna-colored) or dark (beef colored), texture; consistent, firm, soft, or elastic. Many flavor profiles are possible, with virtually any flavor combination, to appeal to different pet demographics.


  • Evolum+ Extruders & Preconditioners
    Clextral extrusion systems give you total flexibility to process dry, semi-moist, high moisture foods and treats, with customized products for specific pet profiles: breed, gender, age, and nutritional requirements....

  • Evolum+ Twin Screw Extruders

    Processors value our Evolum+ twin screw extruders for their versatility, precise control, and sanitary designs. With patented hydraulic opening barrels, Evolum+ extruders offer ultimate flexibility and quick product changeover. The Evolum+ design enables increased volume (up to 40%) while optimizing the volume/energy ratio, resulting in greater productivity with a reduced investment. Top product quality and consistency are ensured with the Advanced Thermal Control (ATC), and hygienic designs ensure product safety and reduced maintenance.


    Clextral’s Preconditioner+ offers advanced technology to increase the capacity of new or existing twin and single screw extruders, and respond to a range of process requirements.

    Consistent pre-cooking is ensured with automatic filling ratio and optimized mixing performance. The self-learning Advanced Filling Control (AFC) supervises the filling ratio and transfer speed for precise residence times for intensified raw material pre-treatment. With quick tank empty for product changes, easy-access maintenance, and hygienic design, this preconditioner is a valued asset to new or existing extrusion lines.
  • Evolum+ Dryer: A new standard of drying excellence
    The Evolum+ dryer delivers optimal pet food quality with the highest levels of drying accuracy and control. It is a versatile system for pet food applications that is user-friendly, energy efficient and secure....

  • The Evolum+ Dryer ensures gentle and efficient drying with enhanced aeraulics that meter precise, high velocity airflow ensuring consistent moisture removal across the dryer bed. Multiple spreader options are available to accommodate a range of pet food styles and shapes. It has a washdown-ready modular design with side panels that allow full access, manufactured of stainless steel and fully welded with no retention zones. For pet food processors looking for a dryer that delivers top product quality, operational efficiency and total flexibility, the Evolum+ dryer is the solution.

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