Radio Frequency Co., Inc.

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New Bantam Macrowave™ Pasteurization & Disinfestation System

An alternative to noxious gasses or carbon producing thermal techniques, Radio Frequency Company's Macrowave™ Pasteurization & Disinfestation Systems use a high frequency electric field proven to effectively control pathogens.  Utilizing clean electrical energy, product is conveyed through a high frequency electrode array and alternating electrical energy causes the material to heat rapidly and uniformly throughout the product thickness.

RF heating is a highly efficient "direct" form of heating, no energy is wasted heating large volumes of air or preheating the system itself. The technology's "instant-on, instant-off" uses energy only during the treatment process.

New Macrowave™ (RF) Pasteurization Systems are proven capable of providing >5 Log pathogen reduction and are available in sizes ranging from 1,000lbs per hour up to 50,000lbs per hour. Radio Frequency Company has been producing RF heating systems since their incorporation in 1946 and is the world’s largest producer of turn-key RF heat treatment systems. 

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