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Earth’s FINEST™ offers nature’s most powerful cat litter made from responsibly sourced, 100% natural ingredients. It harvests the power of plants to create an eco-friendly and high-performance litter with fast absorption power, tight clumping capabilities, and outstanding odor control. Smarter for both the planet and households, the Earth’s FINEST™ formula is dust-free and won’t lead to dirty breathing air or messy pawprints. No chemicals or dyes—just Earth-grown ingredients for a familiar feel under cats’ paws. Finally…a natural cat litter that EXCEEDS cat parents’ expectations!


  • Earth’s FINEST™ Cat Litter
    Earth’s FINEST™ is made of farm-grown yuca & cane to create a next-level cat litter that absorbs in seconds, controls all litter box odors, and clumps on contact. Ultra-tight clumps won’t crumble and are easy to scoop—meaning less wasted litter!...

  • Made from super-absorbent and naturally lightweight yuca root & cane fiber, Earth’s FINEST™ offers proven odor control, ultra-tight clumping capabilities, and provides cat parents a longer-lasting, more efficient alternative to clay and corn litters. When combined, yuca & cane create a unique bond that soaks up 5 times more liquid than clay and 2.5 times more liquid than corn. The blend forms compact, strong clumps that won’t break and are easy to scoop—leaving more useable litter between cleanups. Delivering impressive power in a compact size, a 3.6 lb. bag of Earth’s FINEST™ delivers the same as 9.5 lbs. of clay or 7 lbs. of corn litter! Plus, the dust-free formula is 60% lighter than clay and 50% lighter than corn litter, making lifting and pouring a less strenuous task. Its Earth-grown ingredients provide a familiar feel under cats’ paws, allowing them to easily transition in just 3 days. Earth’s FINEST™ does not contain any chemicals, dyes, or added fragrances.