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Ramona For You

Guatemala City,  Guatemala 
  • Booth: 7276

Ramona means "wise protector", since we're focused on creating lifetime bonds between owners and their pets through conscious accessories. Born from the concern to create an ethical product that consolidates latin american design and with our passion for animals.

Ethically handcrafted with an obsessive attention to detail.

Brands: We design and manufacture fashionable pet accessories that can be enjoyed by everyone, as to combine with our pets with the purpose to remember the bond that binds us for a lifetime. Leather accessories (collars, leashes, pouches, no-pull harness) and matching scarves made from upsycled fabrics. Each product is meticulously and ethically handcrafted by artisans from Guatemala, to create a balance between quality, durability and design.


  • The Coloricos Collection
    Our unique and limited collection is inspired by confetti shapes because it's meant to celebrate all the joy and happiness that each of our fluffs give to our lives....

  • Design

    Our unique collection is inspired by the confetti shapes because it's meant to celebrate all the joy and happiness our fluffs give to our lives. 

    Each collar is designed to be an accessory that highlights your pet's personality through a funky and colorful design that features in 3 different versions based on the power and meaning of colors: 

    • The Brave (Green as main color)
    • The Sweet (Pink as main color)
    • The Loyal (Blue as main color)

    It is also important to mention each collar includes as a gift for the owner a "Matching Commitment Bracelet" with the purpose to remember the bond that binds them for a lifetime with their pet.

    Available in 6 different sizes:

    Sizing Chart
    Size Lenght (cms) Width (cms)
    XXS (Teacup) 16 to 22 1.2 
    XS (Petite) 20 to 28 1.5
    S (Small) 26 to 34 1.7
    M (Medium) 32 to 40 2.5
    L (Large) 39 to 49 3
    XL (Super large) 50 to 60 3

    Ethical craftsmanship

    Our collars are handcrafted by a talented family workshop of artisans.  The impact of our relationship has supported fair and just practices for this artisans who are valued and well compensated for their job. As the result of this, their drive to excellence and passion for their job has make them develop a unique technique of leather layering that makes our craftsmanship so exquisite.

    Materials and efficiency

    • Leather: The design of this collection is not only unique, but efficient with the purpose to take advantage of the leather scraps to avoid waste. Leather is one of the most resistant and biodegradable materials. That's why we used high quality local leather, dyed with high environmental standards and safety regulations to prevent harm and toxicity in our environment.
    • Hardware: Brass is one of the most durable and hypoalergenic metals, that's why each of our collars are fitted with hypoalergenic 100% brass hardware that comes with a customizable brass ID tag.