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  • Dual Sided Cat Toothbrush
    The RYERCAT toothbrush is designed based on feline anatomy. This product makes it easier for cat owners to brush their cats teeth because it is actually small enough to fit inside a cat's mouth! It currently comes in 5 fun colours!...


    Our cat specific dual sided toothbrush is based off feline anatomy.    The curve in this toothbrush is very intentional and is measured from the average back of a cats mouth to the front, so it can clear the Jacobson's Organ at the front.  It has a small soft micro head side for everyday brushing, and on the other side is the "pick" tool. The "pick" tool allows you to pick out any excess food that often gets stuck in the back molars of a cat.  It's also made out of charcoal to prevent more bacteria from spreading.  This cat toothbrush is biodegradable and made out of cornstarch, which is a softer plastic, so if a cat bites down on it, they won't chip or break their tooth.  Currently this cat toothbrush comes in 5 awesome colours!