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BrightPet Nutrition Group

Lisbon,  OH 
United States
  • Booth: 3347

BrightPet is a leading manufacturer and marketer of premium and super-premium pet food, treats and care products. Serving domestic and international markets with branded, private label and contract manufactured goods, we are committed to innovation, pioneering offerings in slow-cooked kibble, frozen raw and freeze-dried food & treats since 1978.

Brands: BrightPet operates a portfolio of widely recognized industry-leading consumer brands, including Stewart®, Blackwood®, Bravo®, Miracle Care® and Hamilton® with holistic, natural and organic solutions.


  • Stewart Freeze-Dried Treats with Benefits
    Immunity and Focus ...

  • Stewart Immunity  With Vitamins & Antioxidants - Chicken & Vegetable Recipe

    Helping your pup to stay healthy has never been easier! Our Immunity treats, with added vitamins and antioxidants are designed specifically to support your pup’s immune system. Freeze-dried in the USA and packed with the protein and nutrition dogs crave.

    • Supports Immunity – Rich in immunoglobulins and Vitamins C & E
    • Helps Reduce Stress – Enhanced with turmeric and yucca to help alleviate stress
    • Packed with Antioxidants – Fruits and vegetables help clear free radicals and boost the immune system

    Stewart Focus  With Shiitake Mushroom - Salmon & Vegetable Recipe

    Got a busy pup on your hands? Our Focus treats are packed with ingredients like shiitake mushrooms to help keep excited dogs focused. Freeze-dried in the USA and packed with the protein and nutrition dogs crave.

    • Cognitive Function – Rich in antioxidants to support cognitive function
    • Supports Focus – Shiitake mushrooms help fight inflammation and support focus
    • Attention and Energy – Added L-Carnitine supports brain and muscle health
  • Stewart Raw Coated Premium Kibble+
    Premium Kibble with Freeze-Dried Coating...

  • Stewart Raw Coated 

    Thoughtfully selected, high quality, real ingredients provide natural nutrition so your dog stays healthy and satisfied.  Each bite is packed with protein and vegetables, and coated with freeze-dried protein to deliver more flavor dogs crave.  Three flavors, each with a delicious recipe dogs will love. 

    Stewart Raw Coated is available in the following recipes:

    • Lamb & Vegetable
    • Chicken & Vegetable
    • Salmon & Vegetable
  • Hamilton Eco Venture™
    4 Sustainable Collections Made with The Planet In Mind...

  • Hamilton is proud to introduce Eco Venture™, our newest line of dog collars, leashes and harnesses featuring 4 collections Made with The Planet In Mind.  

    100% Cotton Collection

    Made with sustainable cotton fibers, the webbing on these products offers an Eco-Friendly alternative that is great for sensitive pets.  Breathable and soft, cotton is less likely to irritate a dog’s skin than hemp or other natural fibers, while also being biodegradable.

    Bamboo Collection

    Made with bamboo fibers, the webbing on these products are an environmentally conscious option that is naturally antibacterial, as well as mold & mildew resistant.  Bamboo is a sustainable fast-growing crop that requires no fertilizers, regenerates without replanting, and absorbs carbon to produce 35% more oxygen than that of trees!  

    Recycled Webbing  and Recycled Ombre Collections

    Two collections with webbing made from recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) plastic bottles. Keeping approximately 3-4 plastic bottles per collar, 4-5 bottles per leash, and 6-7 bottles per harness out of landfills!   And once your pet is done wearing the item, the webbing and components can be recycled again!

  • Hamilton Go Boldly™
    4 Outdoor Centric Collections for those Ready For Adventure!...

  • Hamilton has expanded our popular Go Boldly™ line to include 4 new collections of collars, leashes and harnesses all geared towards the outdoor enthusiast who is ready to share adventures with their best friend.

    Land & Sea Collection

    Are you and your pup one with Nature?  Do you both enjoy a desert sunset, the calm sound of waves at the beach, or the smell of crisp mountain air?  Share your love of the outdoors with the scenic nature-scaped prints of our Land & Sea collection.

    Waterproof Collection

    If you're headed to the lake, hitting the beach, or swimming at a friend's pool, our Waterproof collection makes drying off a breeze! PVC laminated polyester webbing repels water, keeping you and your pet dry while deterring odors or mildew.

    Rugged Paracord Collection

    Going for a hike, a camping trip, or any other outdoor activity with your 4-legged adventure buddy?  Then our Rugged Paracord Collection is perfect for the occasion! This collection features reflective stitching throughout to help you and your pup be seen in low light conditions.

    Camouflage Collection

    Our Camouflage collection features popular camo colors & patterns in a durable yet soft polyester webbing.