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High quality Filling, Capping & Labeling systems manufacturer located in Richmond, VA. 
We offer service and stock parts in our 20,000 ft² warehouse.
We sell and service our packaging machines to the American pet industry since 2012.


E-Fill - Filling capping labeling monobloc
Ninon Mix - Automatic labeling Machine


  • Ninette auto
    The CDA Ninette Auto is an ultra-compact semi-automatic adhesive labeling machine that allows you to apply up to two labels on all cylindrical products such as bottles, vials, jars, buckets, etc....

  • The CDA Ninette Auto is an ultra-compact semi-automatic adhesive labeling machine that allows you to apply up to two labels on all cylindrical products such as bottles, vials, jars, buckets, jars, etc.

    With a production rate of up to 900 products per hour, the control of this semi-automatic labeler is managed by an intuitive touch screen. The semi-automatic labeling machine Ninette Auto appeals to very small businesses and SMEs looking for a labeling solution for their small productions.

    The Ninette Auto can be adapted to all cylindrical products from 10mL up to 32oz and can definitely label a lot of products from the PET industry.

    The Ninette Auto can perfectly match with the CDA K-Net Auto automatic filler (1200 products/hour) or the CDA K-Net semi-automatic filler (600 products/hour).

  • E-fill monobloc
    E-Fill - 3 in 1 machine to fill, cap and label products Monobloc allowing the 3 steps of packaging small bottles: filling, capping and labeling ideally suited for any kind of liquid....

  • The E-Fill is an ultra-compact monobloc allowing the dosing, screwing and labeling of products. The E-Fill can handle products from 5 mL to 32oz with a maximum container diameter of 3.5". The industries covered by this machine have expanded over time and it is suitable for the PET industry, the food industry (flavors, oil, etc.) and the cosmetics industry (cream, liquid soap, antiseptic gel, etc.) for example.

    The E-Fill monobloc and its characteristics:

    The E-Fill can be equipped with two types of pumps to fill the products. On the one hand, the peristaltic pump, a system capable of changing the liquid in less than two minutes without manual cleaning of the pump. On the other hand, the volumetric pump system with flow meter or piston depending on the viscosity of the product to be filled.

    This monobloc designed by CDA allows to fill of up to 25 products per minute while applying up to 2 labels.

    It is, in particular, thanks to its intuitive touch screen that it is possible to have memorization of 50 product dressings but not only because this screen is very simple to use and to adjust.

    Clearly, this monobloc is perfectly adapted for liquid bottles, food bottles, and many other containers and industries.

  • Ninon mix
    Automatic labeling machine to label square, cylindrical, oval and tapered products...

  • CDA’s Ninon Mix allows pressure sensitive labeling on the sides and tops of square, cylindrical, ovalized, tapered products without any material change. This linear automatic labeler can apply up to 5 labels with a labeling capacity of up to 60 products/minute depending on the packaging.

    The Ninon Mix impresses with its versatility and simplified touch screen management that can be integrated into a complete packaging line. This automatic labeling machine is suitable for all formats and industries: food processing (sauce, honey, jam, oil, vinegar, mustard, etc.), cosmetics (cream, perfume, body oil, soap, shampoo, etc.), paint and varnish (buckets, cans, jars, etc.), chemistry (dish washing liquid, detergent, solvent, household products, etc.).

    The Ninon Mix CDA can be integrated into a CDA linear automatic filler such as the K-Net Auto (speed up to 220 Gal/hour), the K-Line (2 to 6 dosing nozzles with a speed up to 800 Gal/hour), the K-Line S (2 to 8 dosing nozzles with a speed up to 800 Gal/hour).

  • K-net Auto
    Automatic filling and screw-capping machine for liquid and viscous products...

  • The K-Net Auto is an industrial linear filling machine. This automatic filling (and capping machine) is equipped with a stainless steel conveyor. This filler is suitable for the dosing of many products while ensuring respect for hygiene rules.

    Depending on the product to be dosed, the engineers adapt the K-Net Auto’s filling system. Thanks to it, the K-Net Auto is suitable for many industries, such as:

    Moreover, its production rate can reach up to 1,200 bottles/hour (depending on the format and product).

    Also, the automatic filler K-Net Auto is :

    • accurate
    • easy to set up and use
    • versatile.

    In order to have a complete packaging line, this automatic filling machine can be put in line with :

  • K-one
    Filling machine for liquid products using a peristaltic pump...

  • CDA engineers have recently developped the K-One. In short, this machine is a peristaltic filling pump which is highly appreciated for its versatility and accuracy (+/- 0.5%).

    Also, the K-One peristaltic pump can equip :

    • A complete packaging line (such as the E-Fill),
    • Independantly for packaging small production quantities.

    Basically, the peristaltic technology offers many advantages :

    • The product does not come into contact with the pump,
    • Easy and fast hose change,
    • The cleaning time is reduced,
    • The risks of cross-contamination are low.

    It this makes the peristaltic dosing system ideal for companies that produce and package many products.

    Thus, essential oils, cosmetic oils, liquids for pets, flavors, are perfectly suited to the use of this machine.

    In addition, an intuitive touch screen allows to control and set the K-One (for easy handling, visualization and rapid modification of all control parameters).

  • E-fill SW
    The E-Fill SW is an automatic monobloc allowing the 3 steps of packaging: filling, capping and labeling bottles from 5 to 250ml. It is designed for small formats and allows a great versatility....

  • The E-Fill SW can be equipped with two modes of operation: the full automatic mode and the switch mode. The full automatic mode is generally recommended and used for large series of products, in particular thanks to its “Pick & Place” system which allows the automatic deposit and screwing of the caps on their container. As for the switch mode, it is mainly used for the packaging of small and medium series of products where the presence of a human being is not negligible since the cap is placed manually on the container.
    Thanks to the switch mode, it is possible to pack other product formats without the need to handle or make complicated adjustments. Moreover, the opening of the doors allows an operator to manually place the caps, which will then be tighten on the bottles by a specific automatic capper.

    This monobloc designed by CDA can fill up to 3,000 vials per hour, i.e. 50 products/minute (for 10 mL formats) while being able to apply up to 2 labels.
    This packaging monobloc is versatile and suitable for several industries, including food (for flavors, food coloring, etc.), e-liquids (for Chubby bottles), parapharmacy (for reagents), CBD, cosmetics and essential oils.

    Finally, the E-Fill SW can be associated with a multiformat automatic feeding unscrambler  (for full auto mode) and an independent rotary table (in switch mode) to feed the bottles. It is also possible to add a marking system on the label or the bottom of the bottles (optional).