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Cat Savant  

Dunstable,  MA 
United States
  • Booth: 6374

Cat Savant is a family owned, small business focused on simple, smart solutions for cat parents.

We are cat parents tired of dirty litter spills and happened upon this idea of attaching the waste bag right to the litter box, eliminating any debris from falling on the floor! We invented Scoop Buddy to give cat parents a smarter way to clean the litter box, making it an easier, faster chore.

Save time cleaning with Scoop Buddy! Scoop Buddy does the dirty work for you catching all the debris in the bag!

No need to sweep up the litter spills after scooping. Simply scoop and toss the waste bag! No extra cleaning required! Scoop Buddy gives you more time to spend doing…well, anything else!

No More:

  • litter spills
  • dirty hands
  • messy floors
  • collapsed bags

Leave litter spills in the dust with Scoop Buddy!

We are based out of Boston, MA via e-commerce.

Brands: Scoop Buddy- Innovative waste bag holders How it Works: 1- Secure it to the edge of your litter box 2- Spread it to the desired width and attach bag 3- Scoop it in the waste bag and eliminate litter spills


Scoop Buddy- Eliminate Litter Spills!

 Press Releases

  • Cat Savant invents a new solution for litter box clean up that finally addresses spills; this product is a major breakthrough solving the human issue of spilling litter while cleaning

    BOSTON--(April 2023)—Smarty Cat LLC d/b/a Cat Savant ® develops new product for cat parents offering a better solution for litter box clean up. Cat Savant  is the inventor of Scoop Buddy, innovative litter box anchors that attach the waste bag directly to the litter box, eliminating messy litter spills while scooping. The ultimate cat care convenience of less cleaning and spending more time with your felines.

    A Boston couple has responded to what they believe is large gap in the pet supply market- by designing their own solution for litter spills. Carolyn and Robert Rafferty have two cats of their own, Ashton and Penelope. When it came time for litter box needs, they discovered just how limited the choices were when it came to making the already least liked chore easier.

    The cat waste disposal system hit the market ten years ago, but nothing in that realm has changed since then; unless you want a robot. Cat parents have had the same products, same problems, and no solution. Scoop Buddy is a simple yet clever way to make litter box clean up more efficient! Every curve behind the design has a specific function. These innovative litter box anchors are universal to work with any litter box and any style waste bag. They work by attaching the waste bag directly to the litter box, eliminating messy litter spills.

    “Cats are the underserved pet in terms on veterinary care, attention to their welfare and well-being, and that is true with cat products available as well,” says Carolyn Rafferty, Cat Savant co- founder. “Our focus at Cat Savant is to bring simple, smart solutions to make cat parenting easier. With Scoop Buddy, we’re now giving cat parents a more efficient way to clean the litter box and make it an easier chore. It’s clear that Cat Savant is filling a real need specifically addressing litter spills. A market research survey of 200 cat parents indicated 72% were frustrated with dirty litter spills and had no options to solve their problem.

    There are 3.2 million cats abandoned in shelters. Litter box problems are the number one reason cats are surrendered. “We know cleaning the litter box daily significantly reduces litter box issues. Our hope is to make litter box cleaning easier for cat parents so less cats end up abandoned.”

    Cat Savant is a small family business focused on bringing simple, smart solutions to make cat parenting easier. Cat Savant is also working with select non-profit cat-centric organizations bringing meaningful change for cats in need. For more information on Cat Savant or to purchase Scoop Buddy, visit the Cat Savant website at


    Carolyn Rafferty


    Co-Founder of Cat Savant®


  • Scoop Buddy
    A better way to scoop! Say goodbye to messy spills and hello to an easier and more efficient solution with scoop Buddy! Scoop Buddy attaches the waste bag to any style litter box eliminating litter spills as you scoop into the bag!...

  • Scoop Buddy – How It Works

    The new litter box must have for cat parents--leave litter spills in the dust with Scoop Buddy!

    These waste bag holders are universal to use with ANY style litter box. Simply pull open our patent-pending litter box clips and attach to the edge of your litter box. Scoop Buddy easily slides to your desired width and then attach your waste bag to the bag hooks and pull snug. You did it, say goodbye litter spills and scoop away cat litter problems furrever!

    It doesn’t matter what kind of litter box you have, Scoop Buddy is designed to work with them all! If you have a small litter box, an extra-large litter box, or an enclosed litter box, Scoop Buddy works with them all. No Need to change your existing set up for an easier cleaning experience. And best of all, cat parenting doesn’t need to be expensive to be easy!

    Behind The Design

    Scoop Buddy by Cat SavantTM was designed for two things:

    1. to keep your hands clean when scooping
    2. to keep dirty litter in the bag where it belongs and not on your floor

    We’ve used those other litter waste systems too. Every time you need to change a waste bag cartridge you have to touch the nitty-gritty. The height of the waste pail never matches the height of the litter box. It’s a small miracle any time a clump stays in one piece. There’s always that one clump that breaks apart and rains tiny dirty litter down from the heavens…and all over your floor. Experience litter free floors EVERY time you scoop!

    Proudly Made in the USA.

  • Scoop Buddy Display
    On shelf display 10in length x 8.5in width x 9.25in height is designed to hold 26 Scoop Buddy packages....

  • Scoop Buddy attaches the waste bag right to the litter box eliminating dirty litter spills.