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Charmy Pet

Toronto,  ON 
  • Booth: 3874

Charmy Pet™: A Canadian pet nutrition company. Offering high-quality single-ingredient treats and holistic freeze-dried pet food with traditional Chinese medicine. Recently featured on Canadian Shark Tank, among top-rated pet products. 

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Brands: Air-Dried Treats: Premium single-ingredient treats of the highest quality. Freeze-Dried Pet Food: Introducing the first herbal dog food in North America, a collaboration with the University of Guelph, featuring a unique freeze-dried pet food that integrates traditional Chinese medicine. Formulated in Canada, proudly made in the USA.


  • Charmy Freeze Dried Raw- When East Meets West
    North America's first Herbal Dog Food, uniquely blended with traditional Chinese herbs & freeze-dried raw. Formulated with Ph.D. Animal Nutritionists, and made in the USA. 90% meat, organs & bone, 10% super herbs, veggies, fruits, & vital supplements....

  • Introducing the first Herbal Dog Food in North America, uniquely infused with traditional Chinese herbs and freeze-dried raw ingredients. This innovative formula has been developed in collaboration with Ph.D. Animal Nutritionists in Canada and is proudly crafted in the USA. Our dog food consists of 90% meat, organs, and bone. The remaining 10% is a robust blend of Eastern Super Herbs, vegetables, fruits, and essential supplements.

    We offer two distinctive flavours:

    • Beef, Duck, and Goji Berry.
    • Salmon, Duck, and Ginseng.

    Our product is available in two convenient sizes:

    • The larger size weighs 13.4 oz (382g).
    • The smaller size weighs 5.2 oz (150g).