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Colorfil builds and sells high-performance air filters tailored to tackle the distinct challenges pets and their parents face. Our patented technology purifies indoor air and destroys odors while changing color to signal when to replace it. 


  • Colorfil Air Filter
    Revolutionize your indoor air quality with filters built for homes with pets. Colorfil air filters are unlike anything in the market. They remove odors 5x better than the leading brand and change color to indicate when it's time for a replacement....

  • Introducing Colorfil filters, the ultimate solution for pet owners seeking clean and fresh indoor air. Say goodbye to persistent pet odors that often plague homes with furry friends. With Colorfil's proprietary technology, amine-based compounds responsible for pet odors are captured and neutralized, going beyond what traditional filters can achieve. Our filters outperform the leading brands, ensuring your home smells fresh and inviting.

    But that's not all - Colorfil filters offer an innovative feature that sets them apart from the rest. Our patented color-shift™ technology provides a visual indication of when it's time to change the filter. As it absorbs gas phase chemicals and odors from the air, the filter undergoes a stunning transformation, shifting from pink to yellow to gray.

    Designed with quality and effectiveness in mind, Colorfil filters are built to revolutionize your air filtration experience. Breathe easier, live healthier with Colorfil filters - the choice of pet owners who value clean air and peace of mind.

    Colorfil Air Filters are available in all standard sizes. For more information, visit