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Prima Bella Luxury Products LLC

Raeford,  NC 
United States
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Prima Bella Luxury Products®️ brings a new level of luxury to animal-care.  We focus on the specific need and provide a level of opulence in equine and canine markets that has never existed.  Through tide and time, horses and dogs have carried us the distance... It is our greatest honor to them, that we present to you a compilation of my lifelong work.  

Brands: •Russian Amber Oil Canine Shampoo - 16 0z., •Russian Amber Oil Canine Conditioner – 16 0z, •Prima Bella® Canine Dander-less Spray - 16 0z, •Prima Bella® Canine Frankincense Oil Shampoo -16 0z, •Prima Bella® Canine Frankincense Oil Leave - In Conditioner - 16 0z •Canine Spa Bath Gloves Prima Bella® Russian Amber Oil Shampoo Amber Oil Conditioner Peppermint Oil Shampoo Peppermint Oil ConditionerThor's Thrush Crushing Black Cream The Detangler The Polishing Mist Micellaire H20 FACE WASH Mane and Tail Masque


  • Prima Bella Luxury Products
    Knights, Heroes, and Legends... Royalty and Descendants... Through tide and time horses and dogs have carried humanity the distance. To honor them, we present to you... The World's First Luxury products for Horses and Dogs. Prima Bella Luxury Products ...

  • Prima Bella Luxury Products was founded in 2019  as a luxury animal-care product line new to market, and a focus on the horse and canine markets.   All Prima Bella Luxury Products have been extensively researched and created using the finest ingredients and formulations that are completely unique in the market.  

    One of our flagship products, Thor’s Thrush Crushing Black Cream, uses a recipe handed down to the Company’s founder, Rebecca by her father, a master blacksmith and master farrier who used the formula to treat the hooves of the Australian Cavalry war horses during World War II.  The other oils and salves he was given by his friends the Pau Pau New Guinea natives and Aussie's to help the animals with wounds, skin disorders etc. 

    Additionally, he used it while he traveled and worked all over the world.  Arthur was gifted other ancient formulas that royalty used to help heal and treat wounds.  We have modernized these formulas and present them to you as...  Prima Bella Luxury Products.