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All Walks

Fort Benton,  MT 
United States
  • Booth: 3465

Hemp bedding for small animal, reptile, bird, chicken and equine. Hemp fiber chicken nesting mats. Grown on family farms and made in rural Montana USA. Hemp Goods For A Better Path™ Hemp is the sustainable material for the future of pet products. Our products start with the seed an agonomist and a farmer's production contract and we grow, process and package

Brands: All Walks Pet, All Walks Equine, IND HEMP ingredient and material supply partner


  • Hemp Fiber Chicken Nesting Mats
    All Walks nesting mats are made with industrial hemp fiber grown in Montana and offer exceptional cushioning, egg protection. Absorbent and comfortable for happy hens and as easy to use as a disposable while being long lasting and compostable....

  • All Walks hemp fiber nesting mats, crafted from industrial hemp fiber grown in Montana, USA, create a comfortable nest for happy hens while providing exceptional cushioning and protection for precious eggs. These mats ensure egg safety and contribute to a joyful nesting experience.

    Made from natural hemp fibers, our mats offer superior comfort, reducing the risk of cracked or damaged eggs. The soft texture and cushioning effect provide a gentle and supportive surface for your hens.

    Highly absorbent, our mats keep the nesting area clean and dry, promoting hygiene and maintaining the freshness of your eggs. They efficiently wick away moisture, preventing bacterial growth and ensuring a safe and healthy nesting environment.

    With ease of use in mind, our hemp fiber mats are simple to install and replace as needed. They are conveniently compostable, allowing for easy disposal in the dirt or dumpster, contributing to a sustainable cycle.

    By choosing All Walks mats, you prioritize the comfort of your hens, the eco-friendliness of your flock, and directly support American farmers. Good for your hens, good for the planet.