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Life is better when you are able to let go of poop. The dooloop leash accessory literally takes care of your dog's poo, so you can love your walk. (We all need a little more of this energy) We're all tired of seeing abandoned bags of poop on our streets and trails :/ 

It's the original, silly-simple only one-hand needed leash accessory on the market for dealing with multiple bags of poop - no need to even knot the bag until you reach the trash can, each dooloop holds a lot of sh*t!

Designed in desperation to maintain leash control, it is truly easy to use. Made in Maine, the dooloop is recycled, non-toxic plastic, that uses zero single-use plastic packaging, assembled paying a living wage and woman owned. We're trying to be good stewards to the planet and people, reuse, recycle, and respect. 

Dooloops come in 8 great fashionable colors that mix, match, and coordinate with other lines. The dooloops can be displayed in their point of purchase box, on the new special display unit, or hung on a peg wall. They make great gifts and impulse purchases at the register. Light weight and a cute design, they are funny to talk about, while being actually useful - this isn't a gimic - this is a game changer for people who walk their dogs. It's the next walking accessory upgrade, who ever thought that the best thing about walking with their dog was feeling the warmth of the poop in the bag? And bag breakage?! 

Help you and your customers, to 'love your walk', but also leave no trace. The dooloop is manufactured by Houndswag LLC - come see us at our booth, we've got stickers! 

Spread Peace, Not Poo...

Brands: the dooloop by Houndswag LLC


  • How To Use A dooloop® Counter Display with Hydrant
    The dooloop® POP display shows customers how a dooloop works. Eye catching, tall, with a small footprint, it educates, and amuses. Made in Maine of wood/aluminum, it holds up to 30 dooloops for purchase. Stores choose from stickers, to suit their store....

  • A reusable counter display for dooloops that everyone has been asking for! Through the use of humorous visual cues, the new dooloop display tells customers exactly what the dooloop is, and how the dooloop is used without hogging valuable space. Display is easy for stores, and facilitates upselling at point of purchase. 

    Since the dooloop was invented, people upon seeing how it works have said 'why didn't someone think of this earlier, it's so simple!' We don't know either, but we do know that a 3 sec. demo or visual cue is invaluable since it's truly a first in class. (**We just played a game "Who Can Pick Up Their Sh*t The Fastest", to show a sales force at one of the independent chain of stores that carry dooloops how it works. They were able to get 5 bags onto a dooloop in under 30 seconds - the first time trying. It was a big 'aha! cool' for them). 

    The dooloop display had to meet the same values as the dooloop: strong design, sustainable materials (wood/aluminum), made in USA, people paid a fair wage, no single use plastic packaging, easy to use, makes life easier both for stores to show, and customers to see. Like the dooloop, it's practical, minimal, nice looking and since counter space is precious, thoughful with real estate. 

    Unlike anything else that has existed, with a dooloop you only need one hand to use, it allows constant leash control. Additionally, it won't stretch out like the silocone ones after a couple of months, it doesn't require bags to be knotted to use, and it holds a lot of sh*t! 

    The display we hope is appreciated and understood like the dooloop itself: mindful of the world we live in now. At Houndswag LLC, inventor and makers of the dooloop and ansilary products, we know that conservation of ever scarcer resources is paramount, fair wages that sustain people are necessary, affordability is crucial, supporting local stores helps us all, and enjoying life, the serendipty we find like when you're out loving your walk, while being responsible, is magic.