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DrTim's Aquatics

Moorpark,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 5225

DrTim's Aquatics produces innovative natural products for all types of aquariums, ponds & water gardens. Our ASF Brand specializes in products for saltwater & reef tanks. Our Reptile Systems Brand provides innovative products for all reptiles. Natural, science-based products providing the best for your animals. Visit

Brands: DrTim's One & Only®, AquaCleanse, First Defense, Clear-UP, Re-Fresh™, Eco-Balance, Waste-Away®, DrTim's Bene-FISH-al® Fish Food, DrTim's Bene-FISH-al® Extras, Waste-Away® Gels, Reptile Systems, ASF.


  • DrTim's ASF Marine Aquarium Center
    DrTim’s ASF Marine Center with the Reef Shots™ additives and Reef Evolution Sea Salt (Made in France) with amino acids, elevated levels of calcium and magnesium and more. ASF MX powerheads, New Jet Wave makers and New Jet DC pumps all Made in Italy....

  • ASF Marine Aquarium Center by DrTim’s Aquatics.  The display contains all the new Reef Shots™ additives, nutrients, probiotics, coral food and beneficial bacteria needed to maintain a thriving marine aquarium.  Use with the new Reef Evolution Sea Salt (Made in France) whose uniform granular size means a constant mix from top to bottom.  With added amino acids, elevated levels of calcium and magnesium along with vitamins means a complete salt with no ammonia, phosphate, nitrite or nitrate.  Lastly, a large assortment of pumps – MX powerheads (3 sizes), New Jet Wave makers (2 sizes) and New Jet DC pumps ( 5 sizes) all Made in Italy. With modern design including 6 poles DC pumps these pumps are quiet and energy efficient.

  • DrTim’s Reptile Systems Lighting Center
    Featuring the Eco T5 Light fixtures with the Ferguson Zone Concept for the right UV index to all reptiles. Lamps made in the EU (sizes 12 to 48 in). For plant growth the New Dawn Proten LEDs provide superior performance with low energy consumption....

  • DrTim’s Reptile Systems Lighting Center.  Featuring the Eco T5 Light fixtures utilizing the Ferguson Zone Concept, a scientifically developed method to easily know how to provide the correct UV index to all reptiles.  The lamps are made in the EU to strict quality control standards.  The fixtures come with an internal reflector that can be positioned in 1 of 3 ways to provide the best possible exposure.  The system is comprised of 4 zones with lamp sizes from 12 to 48 inches, replacement lamps and a color-coded zone system for ease of purchase.   Depending on the lamp size up to 10 units can be linked together to cover virtually any size area.  For great plant growth the New Dawn Proten LEDs with true 6500°K provides the correct wavelengths for superior performance.  Four sizes with low energy consumption and dual channels with Bluetooth compatibility.