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Get Joy Food

Norwalk,  CT 
United States
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Tom founded Get Joy in 2018, shortly after his Golden Retriever, Cooper, became ill with Lymphoma.  Tom realized that, as nutritional wellness became a key component for humans, far too many dogs were stuck eating kibble and other highly processed foods.  That's when he decided to drive a shift in dog's nutritional paradigm.

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  • Chicken Fresh Freeze Dried
    Introducing freeze-dried chicken - the perfect addition to your dog's diet! Packed with essential protein and amino acids, this convenient and easy-to-serve option offers a range of benefits for your furry friend....

    1. Made in the USA
      1. Introducing freeze-dried chicken - the perfect addition to your dog's diet! Packed with essential protein and amino acids, this convenient and easy-to-serve option offers a range of benefits for your furry friend. 

    Not only is freeze-dried chicken a highly nutritious meal topper, but its easy digestibility makes it ideal for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Plus, its delicious taste is sure to please even the pickiest eaters, making it a fantastic option for use as a high-value treat or training reward.

    So why not give your pup the best? With freeze-dried chicken, you can rest easy knowing you're providing your dog with a high-quality, tasty, and nutritious addition to their diet.

    1. Formulated by a PhD Animal Nutritionist.
    2. Get Joy’s Fresh Freeze-Dried Chicken is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages including growth of large size dogs (70 lbs or more as an adult).​
    3. 97%+ Gelatinized
      1. You want your pup to enjoy their food while also being able to digest it easily, which is why we've taken extra steps to make sure our freeze-dried dog food is highly digestible. In fact, over 97% of the ingredients in our formula have been gelatinized to ensure maximum digestibility!

    Gelatinization is a process that involves breaking down the starches in our ingredients, making them easier for your dog to digest and absorb. By taking this extra step, we're able to provide your dog with a highly nutritious and delicious meal that they can easily digest, without any discomfort or digestive issues.

    So if you're looking for a dog food that not only tastes great but also promotes optimal digestion, look no further than our freeze-dried dog food. Made with the highest quality ingredients and carefully formulated for maximum digestibility, it's the perfect choice for any pup who deserves the very best. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!

    1. Contains Pre, Pro and Postbiotics
      1. Our freeze-dried chicken dog food isn't just a delicious and nutritious option - it's also scientifically proven to support your dog's digestive health. Our unique blend of pre, pro, and postbiotics has been extensively researched and tested to ensure that it provides the maximum benefit for your dog's gut microbiome. 

    We're proud to offer a dog food that not only meets the highest standards of quality and nutrition but also has the backing of scientific research. So why take a chance on just any dog food when you can choose one that is backed by science and proven to promote optimal digestive function? Give our freeze-dried chicken dog food a try and see the difference for yourself!

    Scientifically Proven to:

    1. Optimize Immunity
    2. Maintains a Healthy Microbiome
    3. Supports Vitality
  • Get Joy Treats
    We created delicious, nutrient-rich freeze-dried treats. Our 100% Beef Freeze Dried Organ Treats are made with USDA beef organ meat- that's it!...

    • 4- Ounce Resealable Bag of Get Joy Endurance 100% Beef Heart, Beef Liver and Beef Kidney Freeze-Dried Dog Treats. Our treats are freeze-dried to lock in 97% of the nutrients and flavor from the fresh ingredients
    • Good Snacks for Dogs: Delicious treats made in the USA with only one ingredient from Pasture Raise Beef: providing an excellent source of B vitamins
    • Unleash Wellness: We designed our freeze-dried treats to optimize the health of your dog’s organs. Vets recommend single ingredient organ freeze-dried treats. Our beef heart treats provide holistic health benefits and may help balance your pet's behavioral issues, anxiety and heart health
    • Treat Joy: Our grain-free, gluten-free and protein-packed treats can be used as the perfect way to reward your best friend or reconstitute in warm water to use as a meal mix-in/topper
    • Antibiotic and Hormone Free
    • Get Joy, Give Joy: At Get Joy, we are on a mission to transform health and wellness for dogs everywhere through pet health and nutrition. It's a commitment born out of a passion to help dogs live their best life