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Fresh Wave by OMI Industries

Palatine,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 5270

Fragranced air fresheners don't work as advertised. They often hide odors behind fake perfumes. Fresh Wave products work to break apart the chemical bonds that exist between odor molecules, nuetralizing their smell. The simplicity of our products is knowing that you're using a safer, natural solution, proven to work! Odor control is our only business!

Brands: Fresh Wave Pet Line: Fresh Wave Pet Spray, Fresh Wave Spray Refill, Fresh Wave Odor Removing Dog Shampoo, and Fresh Wave Cat Litter Odor Removing Gel


  • Cat Litter Gel by Fresh Wave
    Attack litter box odors without disturbing your cat! Made with plant-based ingredients that are specifically formulated to eliminate litter box odors! Cat approved. Fresher. Safer. Better....

  • Fresh Wave's Litter Box Odor Removing Gel is specifically formulated to eliminate litter box odors without disturbing your cat!  Unscrew lid, remove foil seal.  Replace lid.  Place Gel a few feet away from the litter box.  Do not pour directly into the litter box.  The Gel will evaporate as it works.  Last up to 30 days.  Visit our Booth 5270 to see our full line of pet products including Odor Removing Orange Pet Spray, Odor Removing Orange Pet Spray Refill, as well as our Odor Removing Lemongrass Dog Shampoo!  You can pick up a free sample to test for yourself, the odor eliminating power of our Fresh Wave Products!