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Gooby, short for good boy, launched in 2002.

We felt that dog wear should be more than just a halter. It should be safe, comfortable and ultimately improve the lives of dog owners and their companions.

Since the launch, we've worked tirelessly to create dog wear that caters to different problems that dog and their owners face.

Brands: Gooby


  • #04231 Comfort X One
    New Version of our signature line Comfort X. Bungee cord, Patented Escape Free function and slick new colors and material!...

  • Comfort X One (Updates from Comfort X Harnes) has a unique leash clasp where it stays upright even when the leash is pulled in different direction.

    Bungee cord in the back reduces the force when pulled and rotational clasp make it easy to put and take off even if you have weak finger strength.

    The chest strap tightens as you pull so your dog is secured even if they try to back out!

  • #72233 Zip Up Sherpa Vest
    Easy to wear and fashionable Sherpa Vest with Leash D-Ring...

  • Two tone sherpa vest with D-ring on the back for easy walking.
    Fashionable and easy to wear with zip up closure on the back.

  • #04235 Escape Free Easy Fit Plus
    Easy Fit Plus has updated hardware as well as the material. We've updated the D-Ring, Slider and Side Piece to create more functional and durable product. Updated scratch resistant material made the harness more everlasting....

  • Easy Fit Plus features metal D-rings and hardware for those who are looking for more heavy-duty harness.
    Outer cloth material is scratch resistant and easily washable. Mesh outlines add a breathability.
    Rotational buckle moves as your dog moves, creating an unrestricted movement.