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Heather's Heroes  

Draper,  UT 
United States
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Heather's Heroes training tools are focused on the relationship between owner and canine. By providing tools, methods, and education to dog professionals and owners, Heather's Heroes strives to see human and dog relationships transform from confusion, frustration, disrespect, or total absence into relationships of respect and clear understanding. Our patented training tool, The Sidekick, is trusted by dog owners and professionals around the world.

If you're a trainer, retailer, or distributor who shares our mission of empowering dog owners, we want you on our team! Join our hero squad and help us give every owner the tools and resources they need to build a lifelong bond with their furry companion.

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  • The Sidekick
    A simple solution to a common problem. This tool from Heather's Heroes is the most effective way to address excitement, fear, anxiety, leash reactivity, and aggression....

  • Are you having trouble training your pup?

    The Sidekick is here to help! This revolutionary tool from Heather's Heroes is the most effective way to address excitement, fear, anxiety, leash reactivity, and aggression. Everyone wants a calm and happy pup, but it can be difficult to get there. That's where The Sidekick comes in. This 2-in-1 leash and head collar works with a pressure point on the bridge of the dog's nose - just like a dog's mom would do when they're getting rowdy - to remind them that this isn't appropriate behavior. With simple gentle upward pressure on the leash, you'll notice your pup calming down and understanding that this particular behavior is not acceptable.

    Trainers around the world use The Sidekick day in and day out to help train dogs of all temperaments. Instead of just controlling or managing misbehaving pups, you can actually teach them what behaviors are acceptable - strengthening the bond between you two even more along the way! With The Sidekick in your corner, hope is returned to even the wildest pups out there – start building a better tomorrow with your pup now!

  • Become Your Dog's Hero!
    The ultimate training guide for dog owners! Learn how to provide your pup with the structure and leadership they crave, while mastering skills like loose-leash walking and quality time experiences. This process has been successful for over 20 years!...

  • Are you ready to become your dog's hero? You can, with the help of Become Your Dog's Hero, the ultimate training guide from world-renowned dog trainer Heather Beck. This essential book demonstrates the same effective training techniques used in Heather's successful training facility, K9 Lifeline. With practical, easy-to-follow advice, you'll find the tips and techniques used in her facility are exactly what you need to provide your pup with the structure he or she craves and the leadership that will make their life even better! 

    What does this book offer dog owners? You'll find Heather’s tried-and-tested methods such as structure at home, mastering loose-leash walking, and other quality time experiences. All these vital skills help deepen the bond between you and your four-legged friend.

    This book is designed specifically for owners who want to learn how to become better companions for their pets. Whether it’s mastering the essential basics or deepening an already existing bond, this book is full of helpful advice from the professionals at K9 Lifeline that will help pave the happy path ahead for both you and your pup!

    Becoming the hero your pup deserves is easily achievable with this must-have book! Get it now and revolutionize the bond between you two once and for all!