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Herz is dedicated to crafting high-quality food for your pets. Utilizing natural ingredients and traditional recipes, we create nutritious, tasty, and easily digestible meals. Experience the Herz difference for the optimal health and happiness of your beloved pets.

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  • Turkey Tendon Duo-Protein Treats
    Unleash the best for your pet with our "Turkey Tendon Duo-Protein Treats!" Combining collagen-rich turkey tendons with high-protein chicken breast, these treats offer taste, health, and durability in one....

  • Introducing 'Turkey Tendon Duo-Protein Treats," a fusion of flavor and nutrition for your furry friend. These treats are a game-changer, combining the long-lasting chewiness of turkey tendon and the delightful taste of chicken jerky.

    Our all-natural treats leverage the benefits of collagen-rich turkey tendons, known for supporting joint health, and high-protein chicken that aids muscle-building. This dual-protein treat results in a satisfying chew that caters to your pet's taste buds while providing essential nutrients.

    The treat's uniqueness lies in its dual benefits. The delectable chicken flavor intertwined with the chewy turkey tendon offers a tasting experience that lasts. Plus, the high-protein chicken promotes lean muscle maintenance, enhancing your pet's overall physical health.

    In a nutshell, "Turkey Tendon Duo-Protein Treats" are designed for a healthy, tasty, and long-lasting chew experience. Why choose one when your pet can have the best of both? Try these treats today!