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In addition to a full line of standard products, Indipets specializes in developing new products as per the specifications provided by the buyer. 
We truly stands behind our products !

Brands: Luxe Craft Feeders and Bowls, All Natural Rubber toys, Cat Scratcher, Dog/ Cat Beds & Dog Chews


  • Coffee wood chews
    Safe, Desirable, long lasting, Non- toxic, No Artificial additives, No Splintering. Only old Trees are used that have low or no productivity. ...

  • Only old coffee trees used that have low or no fruit productivity. It doesnt contain  harmful substances and is better the chewing a regular  wood stick.
    Promotes dental cleaning and strength jaw muscles. Chewing coffee wood loosens tiny fibers that help addional cleaning and has dental floss effect on the teeth.
  • Buster Bowls
    Indipets Launces Buster Bowls in new Designs and Prints A perfect mix of function and style. The Non – Slip TPE is designed to prevent the bowls from Slipping or scratching while offering a unique and modern look. Available in3 size and many colors. ...

  • Buster bowls are availble in various colors plastic sleeves, colored rubber base and surface with pad printed graphics.

    The ultimate grip of bonded TPE anti skid base provides friction which prEvents spills and knock over .

  • Lucy & Lucky Cat Scratcher
    helps satisfy Natural scratching instincts, Made from recycled cardboard. Available in various deigns and shapes....

  • Designed for all cats to scratch , Play , relax.

    Helps protects Furntiture from claw damage

    For cats who love to play, hide, and scratch, the  Fold Away Tunnel is the perfect toy to satisfy your kitty's natural urges!


    These Beds designed to make every rest a luxurious experience for your canine companion. Compatible Bed size for Small and Medium & LargeDogs. Available in 3 popular sizes. Features: Washable ...

  • Pamper your pets with cozy homeware that lets your furry pets rest cozily and comfortably.Your best friend deseves a good nights rest annd now its Possible!

    We're committed to providing affordable pet wares without sacrificing quality or durability.

  • Paw Some Ceramic Bowls
    This ceramic dog bowl is made of high-quality food grade ceramic, heavy duty and durable. The simple design style is easy to match your home decor....

  •  Oval shaped cat dish specifically designed to alleviate stress on cats that experience irritation when whiskers contact bowls while eating or drinking.

    Made of hand crafted 100% ceramic stoneware and glazed to form a non-porous shield. 

     Ideal for both food and water including wet or dry cat food.
    Elevated dog and cat bowls promote healthy eating and drinking habits by enabling food and water to pass easier through the pet’s digestive system.

    Raised stoneware bowls are removable and designed to match with modern home decor

  • Luxe Craft Acrylic Feeder
    Fashionable and classic design, make your elevated pet bowls unique, can be paired with any home decoration, crystal transparent style can be integrated with your room so that pets love to eat and drink....

  • Acrylic stand and equipped with two sets of food-grade stainless steel and  pet bowls, can also be cleaned with water, easy to care and clean, exquisite craftsmanship.

    This acrylic dog or cat dishes set is designed for cats and puppies, your pets will surely love this clear pet feeder, it is also the perfect gift for pet families to offer.

     Made of acrylic, the stand is simple in design, moisture resistant and durable, easy to clean, stays transparent for a long time, simple and stylish, and convenient to use in any space, including home, outdoor, and veterinary clinic.