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Hunan Haikun Agricultural Science And Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Booth: 5674

Hunan Haikun Agricultural Science And Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of pet food and animal feeds. Product ranges: eco-fresh insects, dried insects, insect protein meals, insect oils, Insect Purée, salad toppers and etc.

Brands: Eco-Fresh means fresh-peserving and sterilized insect, but not live. It is a product transformed by the preservation technology developed by Hai kun company. It is safer and more convenient to feed the pet than the live insects.


  • HorniPuree
    Probugs Feeds's Insect Puree Line: Nutritious, sustainable, and tailored for reptiles. DubiPuree, SilkiPuree, HorniPuree, and InsecXFruit offer optimal nutrition and eco-friendliness. Choose Probugs Feeds for exceptional reptile care....

  • Introducing Probugs Feeds' New Insect Puree Line:
    Probugs Feeds proudly presents our groundbreaking insect puree line, revolutionizing reptile nutrition. Specifically formulated for insect-eating reptiles, our four variants provide a sustainable and nourishing feeding solution.
    1)DubiPuree features high-quality Dubia cockroaches, reared on organic diets, delivering essential nutrition for reptiles. 
    2)SilkiPuree contains premium silkworms, renowned for their rich nutrient content and digestibility. 
    3)HorniPuree utilizes nutrient-rich hornworms, offering optimal moisture and softness for reptiles' needs.
    4) InsecXFruit combines insect puree with carefully selected fruits, providing a balanced and flavorful meal option. These purees ensure optimal reptile growth, health, and vitality.
    Probugs Feeds prioritizes sustainability and animal welfare. Our insect puree line minimizes environmental impact while maximizing nutrition. Your reptiles will enjoy a diverse, eco-friendly diet.
    Choose Probugs Feeds' insect puree line for extraordinary reptile nutrition, promoting the well-being and longevity of your insect-eating companions. Join us in creating a greener and more sustainable future. Experience the difference today.