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Ibiyaya is a pet product brand that offers a wide range of products for dogs and cats. The brand is known for its high-quality, stylish, and functional products that cater to the needs of pets and their owners. From pet carriers to backpacks, strollers, and pet furniture, Ibiaya offers a variety of products that are both practical and fashionable. The brand is dedicated to providing pet owners with the best products to enhance the life of their furry friends, and their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has earned them a reputation as a trusted and reliable brand in the pet industry.

Brands: Ibiaya is a pet brand offering a range of stylish & functional products for dogs & cats, from carriers & backpacks to strollers & furniture. The brand prioritizes quality, customer satisfaction, & enhancing pet's life. Trusted brand for pet goods.


  • Grand Cruiser Large Dog Stroller
    Empower senior dogs on therapeutic expeditions! The spacious cabin, convertible canopy, air fiber core, alongside an ultra-low chassis, ramp, and elevator-friendly design ensure ultimate comfort and easy access for elderly, disabled, or multiple pets....

    • Suitable for elderly, disabled, anxiety-prone, and pets that dislike enclosed spaces; large dogs or multiple cats and dogs
    • Effortless Access with Ultra-low chassis for both owners and pets; Non-slip Ramp: available for purchase
    • Secure Ride with POE cushion: 4D air fiber inner cushion (2.4 inches thick) with non-slip bottom for spine protection
    • Spacious cabin: Large cabin space with 110lb weight limit
    • Convertible canopy: Quick-release buckle design with a fixed fastener for easy access. Exclusive stepless adjustable sunroof operated with one hand
    • Environmentally friendly fabric: 
    • Outer fabric: 600D recycled PET yarn, heavy metal/carcinogen-free, UV/mold resistant, quick-drying/water-repellent
    • Inner fabric: 300D water-free spun yarn, washable, fade-resistant, and eco-friendly
    • Multiple front/top/rear openings & Full mesh windows for ventilation/visibility and excellent sunshade effect
    • Elevator-friendly
    • Ergonomic design
    • Quick-release Elastic tires
    • Multiple storage options
    • Easy to clean
  • Champion Large Dog Carrier Backpack
    Effortlessly carry heavy pets with our load-lifter backpack. The spacious yet ergonomic carrying system ensures ideal weight balance for personalized comfort. With breathable straps and an anti-tilt bottom tray, it's perfect for owners and pets on the go....

  • Champion Large Dog Carrier Backpack, specially designed for medium-sized dogs, offers outstanding features for a comfortable and convenient outdoor experience for both owners and pets. Its ergonomic carrying system ensures perfect weight balance and adjustable length for personalized comfort. The thick, breathable sponge on the back and waist straps provides an ergonomic fit without feeling stuffy. With a U-shaped large opening, excellent visibility, and large mesh windows on the sides, the backpack is pet-friendly, maintaining ventilation and airflow. Reinforced with sidebars for stability, it prevents collapsing and deformation for safety concerns. The backpack also features an anti-tilt bottom tray, EVA hard shell material, sunshade fabric, water-repellent surface, thick and comfortable cushion, and an adjustable safety buckle for added convenience and security.

    The Backpack is perfect for hiking, camping, and bike rides with your furry companion on unforgettable pet journeys.

  • The Beast Pet Jogging Stroller
    Experience the joy of jogging with your furry companion using Ibiyaya's The Beast Pet Jogging Stroller. With its three enlarged PU wheels and spacious front and rear openings, this all-terrain stroller makes outings hassle-free for both you and your pet!...

    • 3-wheel pet stroller - Smooth rides ahead, even on bumpy roads!
    • Safety tethers - Secure your pet while on the move.
    • Hassle-free wheels - Navigate city streets or woods with ease. No air needed!
    • Zipperless design - One pull, one push, your pet is secure.
    • Big entrances - Front or rear, getting in is a cinch.
    • Mesh windows - Your pet can enjoy the view and you, easy cleaning.
    • Foldable - A quick button-press and it's stored or ready to move.
    • Stylish - Less wind resistance, more heads turning.
    • 360-degree wheels - Easy control, even on twisty paths.
    • Double brakes - No runaway strollers here!
    • Mesh pocket - Treats and trinkets, securely stowed.
    • Hard-bottom basket - Got bigger items? No problem.
    • Quality construction - Aluminum frame, water-repellent fabric, built to last.
    • SGS certified and EU EN1888 passed - Safe and sound for you and your pet.
  • Ibiyaya x BirdTricks TrackPack for Birds
    Designed for small birds like parakeets, macaws, and more, the Ibiyaya x BirdTricks TrackPack is your perfect hiking companion. Developed over two years with BirdTricks, it's the ultimate backpack for feathered friends' adventures!...

    • Blend in with TrackPack! Its earthy hue is nature-friendly.
    • Comfy, detachable Hemp Rope Wooden Perch for your bird. Easy to clean!
    • Simple to clean and store. Includes Velcro-secured waste pan.
    • Water repellent, breathable fabric, and anti-rust mesh for ventilation.
    • PE seam reinforced for durability and bug-proof!
    • Travel-friendly. Use it as a car seat or backpack. Light and handy!
    • Ergonomic design with stable perch, steel bowls, and toy rings.
    • Perfect for hikes. Weather-resistant and tough fabric.
    • Durable and repairable with stainless steel mesh.
    • Stay connected with movable pouches for gadgets.
    • Bird safety with movable Velcro patches to cover holes.
    • Emergency-ready with ring for whistle and easy-access storage.
    • Personalize with your bird’s name (extra cost).
    • Comes with a full accessory set.
  • Deep Sleep Orthopedic Dog Bed
    Aching joints disrupting your pet's sleep? Try ibiyaya's Deep Sleep Orthopedic Dog Bed. Crafted from globally approved, chew-proof orthopedic air fiber foam, it's ideal for all sizes. The washable, odor-resistant material promotes a clean, deep sleep. ...

    1. Orthopedic air fiber core: Supreme comfort and relief for aching joints.
    2. Foam bolster sides: Provides neck and head support for a cozy sleep.
    3. Eco-friendly and pet-safe: Made of eco-friendly air fiber. Passed EU ROHS and CMA/CNAS/ilac-MRA Food-Grade Testing.
    4. High-elastic material: Conforms to your dog's shape, protecting their spine.
    5. Odor-resistant: No stinky smells here!
    6. Easy to maintain: Washable, removable cover and base.
    7. Durable: Doesn't flatten, keeps shape despite rough use.
    8. Easy to set up: Assemble and disassemble in minutes. Great for travel.
    9. Home decor-friendly: Choose from several colors to match your style.
    10. OKEO-TEX certified: Free from harmful chemicals.
    11. TUV and SGS certified: Tested and compliant with safety standards.
    12. Passed BV safety testing: No toxic materials or heavy metals.