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Josh's Frogs  

Owosso,  MI 
United States
  • Booth: 5014

Since 2004, we have served businesses with everything they need to keep captive-bred amphibians and reptiles with success. We offer captive bred reptiles and amphibians, feeder insects, pet bugs, live plants, bioactive supplies, and all the dry goods needed to keep reptiles and amphibians. We help businesses be more successful via drop-shipping, wholesale, affiliate, and reselling partnerships. We provide the best care before, during, and after purchase. We practice conservation through captive-breeding, we live out our passion for pets and people daily, and we strive to be a one-stop supplier for everything you need to cultivate and foster exotic pet sales growth.

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  • Live Plant Bundles for Bioactive Enclosures
    This variety of 16-plant bundles are great for small-medium pet stores to be used as houseplants or in bioactive animal enclosures. They're also safe for people and pets alike!...

    • perfect size for small to medium sized pet stores
    • great as houseplants or in bioactive animal enclosures
    • safe for pets and people
    • wide variety of kits that cover many different environments and common pet reptiles and amphibians
    • these sixteen count plant kits can be used to create multiple smaller kits specific to your customer's tank size
    • long, low-maintenance shelf life with proper care
    • live plants help keep an animal's enclosure clean, while more closely replicating their natural environment
    • lots of opportunities for add-on sales, such as our springtails and isopods and bioactive substrates, all available wholesale from Josh's Frogs