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Award-winning excellence with Kelly & Co! As the 2023 World Branding Award winner, our natural freeze-dried pet food boosts your pet's vitality and longevity. It's not just food, it's a commitment to a happier, healthier future for your furry companions. Discover the difference and join our pet-loving community at

Brands: At Kelly & Co's, we're firm in our conviction that every pet deserves a life lived to the fullest. Hence, we ensure all our products are brimming with superior quality and wholesome ingredients. We use 100% edible-grade meats and certified organic produce as our staple ingredients to foster a joyful, healthy, and lively lifestyle for your pets in the long run.


  • Kelly & Co's Daily Dose Freeze-dried Dog Food
    Unleash the power of nature with Kelly & Co's Daily Dose! Our latest award-winning, 100% natural freeze-dried dog food. A symphony of taste and nutrition, tail-wagging guaranteed!...

  • Meet Kelly & Co's Daily Dose, the newest addition to the award-winning Kelly & Co's product line! It's not just pet food, it's a revolution in pet care. Crafted with 100% natural ingredients, Daily Dose provides a wholesome and balanced meal for your canine companion. This recipe combines the best of nature and science to support your pet's overall health and wellbeing. As a proud recipient of the World Branding Award - Animalis Edition 2023, we promise unparalleled quality and flavor that will have tails wagging with joy. Choose Daily Dose - a perfect blend of nutrition, flavor, and love for your furry friend!

    Just imagine - with a sprinkle of water or bone broth, Daily Dose blossoms into a homemade meal packed with real meat, fresh fruits, and vibrant vegetables. Soak it for a few minutes and watch as the magic happens. The freeze-dried goodnessw will absorb the liquid, fluffing up into a hearty, aromatic meal that will have your pet bounding to the bowl in anticipation.

    With Kelly & Co's Daily Dose, every meal is a celebration of easy prep, incredible taste, and nutrition-packed goodness!

    Protein based selection: Chicken, Duck, Salmon. 

  • Kelly & Co's Daily Dose Freeze-dried Cat Food
    Experience the wonder of nature with Kelly & Co's Daily Dose! Our newest award-winning, 100% natural freeze-dried cat food. An orchestration of flavor and health, purr-inducing delight!...

  • Unveiling the thrill of serving Daily Dose from Kelly & Co, your pet's next mealtime obsession! Our freeze-dried formula, the latest winner of the prestigious World Branding Award, makes preparing a meal as simple and delightful as serving it.

    Picture this - a dash of water or bone broth, and Daily Dose comes to life as a homemade feast bursting with real meat, fresh fruits, and lush vegetables. A short soak, and the freeze-dried bites plump up into a nutritious, aromatic meal that sends your pet racing to their bowl.

    Preparing Daily Dose is a breeze, stripping away mealtime stress and leaving only the joy of offering a delectable dish that your pet will adore. The addition of water or broth amplifies the natural, locked-in flavors, treating your pet to a culinary experience akin to a slow-cooked banquet.

    Why hold back? Release a symphony of tastes with just water and a few moments of patience. Watch as Daily Dose metamorphoses before your eyes into a gastronomic delight that promises empty bowls and wagging tails. With Kelly & Co's award-winning Daily Dose, every meal transforms into a festive celebration of convenience, extraordinary flavor, and nutrient-packed excellence!