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Lovepet, the top plant-based cat litter manufacturer for 15 years in Asia, owes our success to R&D, customer trust, and support. We push the limits of plant-based cat litter, innovating to meet evolving pet owner needs and save the earth. More & better plant cat litters are coming to the Americas. Love pet, love cat.

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  • #1 Coffee Cat Litter - Made From Recycled Coffee
    Coffee? Cat Litter?! Yes, you read that right - this litter is actually made from recycled coffee grounds. Perfect litter solution for cat lovers and coffee lovers!...

  • Introducing the world's first sustainable litter solution for cat lovers and coffee lovers alike - Coffee Cat Litter! As the largest plant cat litter manufacturer in Asia and the pioneer of innovation, we are proud to offer a product that's both environmentally friendly and effective. With zero added fragrance and the ability to eliminate 95% of ammonia, you can enjoy the natural coffee scent without any added chemicals. The litter also clumps immediately and strongly, making cleaning up a breeze. Plus, with 99% dust-free formula, you won't have to worry about any excess mess. And with its unique crushed shape, cats of all ages will be stepping in comfort. Who knew that coffee could be the secret to happy cats and a cleaner planet?

  • Cassava Cat Litter - Monitor Cats Health
    Looking for a cat litter that's easy to clean and promotes pet health? Check out Cassava Cat Litter! Made from cassava powder, this litter has the strongest clumping and fastest water absorption on the market, making scooping a breeze....

  • Cassava Cat Litter is made from natural plant ingredients and is dissolvable and virtually dust-free, making it a safe and comfortable option for cats of all ages. Our unique manufacturing process creates small, tough particles with a special surface treatment, so they don't break down into powder and have a longer life cycle, which is more economical for you.

    Plus, we've added occult blood particles to the litter, which can be used to monitor the health of your cat at any time. Simply keep an eye out for any changes in the color of the litter.

    Choose Cassava Cat Litter for a clean and healthy litter box solution that won't harm your cat or the environment. With its superb strong clumping and health monitoring capabilities, it's the perfect choice for any cat owner.

  • Tea Cat Litter - Remove 98.8% Ammonia
    Introducing our eco-friendly Black/Green Tea Cat Litter! Made from recycled tea leaves, it's rich in catechins and polyphenols for a strong antibacterial, deodorizing effect. Healthier, happier cats are guaranteed!...

  • Looking for an eco-friendly cat litter solution that's good for your pet and the planet? Look no further than Black/Green Tea Cat Litter! Made from recycled black and green tea leaves, this litter is rich in catechins and tea polyphenols, which have a strong antibacterial and deodorizing effect, promoting pet health. Tea polyphenols are natural antioxidants that delay the oxidation and humidity of cat litter, prolonging its use. Catechins have antibacterial and antifungal effects, reducing infection problems and skin diseases caused by cats going to the toilet.

    Our litter eliminates 96% of ammonia, clumps immediately and strongly, and is 99% dust-free for a clean and fresh-smelling litter box. Plus, it's dissolvable for easy disposal and made from natural ingredients with no added fragrance or coloring. Give your cat the gift of a healthy and clean litter box with Black/Green Tea Cat Litter - an eco-friendly option that's good for your pet and the planet!

  • Millet Cat Litter – No More Stick To Bottom
    Millet Cat Litter offers a game-changing solution for cat owners: Firm clumping, odor-locking, and no more sticking to the bottom of the litter box. Hassle-free, odor-free for you and your cat....

  • Discover the exceptional benefits of our Millet Cat Litter. Made from millet & corn powder, it offers a safe and non-toxic solution that cats can freely lick without any harm. Our degradable and soluble formula makes disposal a breeze, as it can be conveniently flushed down the toilet.

    With our advanced 5-step dust removal technology, you can rest assured that your cat's respiratory and urinary systems are protected. The addition of plant enzymes swiftly neutralizes unpleasant odors, leaving your home smelling fresh and clean.

    The crushed millet particles are precisely designed to provide superior comfort for your cat's paws, allowing them to enjoy a natural and satisfying litter experience. Say goodbye to mess and odors with our innovative Millet Cat Litter.

  • Tofu & Cassava Litter – Uniting Strengths
    Experience the power of tofu and cassava cat litter blend: adsorption, locking, decomposition, and superior deodorization without secondary release....

  • Discover the power of our Tofu & Cassava cat litter blend. The perfect ratio combines the clumping benefits of cassava while remaining flushable, and the ammonia elimination rate is boosted to an impressive 95.2%. Crafted from natural plant ingredients, our virtually dust-free cassava litter ensures comfort for cats of all ages. With durable particles and a unique surface process, it offers a longer lifespan and economical usage without any powdery residue.

  • Tofu Cat Litter – Versatile Affordable Options
    Discover our eco-friendly Tofu Cat Litter, crafted from natural food residues. It's a 100% green product with a range of sizes and cost options to suit your needs....

  • Experience the benefits of our Tofu Cat Litter. It quickly absorbs water, suppressing odor and forming clumps that stay intact. The litter dissolves rapidly in water, allowing for easy flushing in small amounts. Choose from three particle sizes:

    - 1.5mm: Super absorbent with faster, firmer clumping and extended service life.

    - 2.0mm: Ideal for all cat types, with low tracking.

    - 3.0mm: Thick particles, the best performance of low tracking, perfect for long-haired cats.

    Protect your cat's respiratory health and reduce the risk of genitourinary infections. LovePet is dedicated to your cat's well-being.