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Applaws Natural Pet Food / Reveal

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MPM was founded on the belief that Making Pet Food Matters. Our mission is to enrich the lives of pets and their owners through visibly better pet food. That is why we are focused on our 3 core values: Transparency, Simplicity, and Responsibility. We are bringing these to life through our two brands: Applaws and Reveal.

Brands: Applaws and Reveal


  • Applaws Taste Toppers Natural Wet Dog Food
    Tuna Fillet with Pumpkin, Chickpeas and Kale Recipe in Broth Chicken Breast with Beef Liver, Pumpkin, Carrots and Peas Recipe in Broth Chicken Breast and Duck Recipe in Gravy Whitefish with Salmon, Lentils and Green Beans in Gravy...

  • Our 5.5oz cans of natural Chicken Breast with Beef Liver, Pumpkin, Carrots and Peas in broth and our tasty textures of shredded Chicken Breast and Duck with Gravy have the full-on flavor to turn dry dog food into a delicious dinner that makes your dog drool with happiness. Your dog will love the taste of mixing wet food and dry dog food. Happy dogs leave empty bowls. Add our pouches of the finest Tuna Fillet in tasty fish broth or quality Whitefish and Salmon with lentils for fiber and green beans that are bursting with essential vitamins to dry dog food and your dog will dive straight in – nose first.
  • Reveal Natural Wet Cat Food
    Chicken Kibble Recipe Whitefish Kibble Recipe Kitten Chicken Breast in Broth Kitten Tuna Fillet in Broth Kitten Variety Broth Selection...

  • Cats can't wait to get into a can of Reveal. With every recipe, including our Kitten Chicken Breast in Broth, Kitten Tuna Fillet in Broth and Kitten Variety Broth Selection are made with truly limited ingredients and are totally grain free. With our tasty toppings, your cat will race to you as soon as the can clicks!

    Your cat will enjoy Reveal Complete and Balanced Chicken or Whitefish Dry Food with every mouthful. Both are made with natural ingredients, added vitamins and minerals and specially selected to support specially selected to support your cat's health.

    Show your cat some love with a tasty Reveal treat. Our salmon loins are exactly that – 100% salmon, 100% natural and nothing else - only 1 ingredient! Serve whole, break into pieces, or sprinkle over food.

  • Applaws Natural Wet Cat Food
    Chicken Freeze Dried Tuna Fillet Freeze Dried Salmon Freeze Dried Chicken Breast with Chicken Bone Broth Pouch Applaws Tuna Fillet in Bone Broth Pouch ...

  • Applaws Chicken Breast Freeze Dried, Salmon Freeze Dried and Tuna Fillet Freeze Dried Cat Treats contain nothing more than the ingredients listed and are a natural delicious treat. Freeze drief to preserve freshness, while locking in the natural taste for your cat. 

     Applaws 100% natural bone broths (in chicken and tuna flavors) are designed to help support hydration and aid skin, coat, and gut health, served with your cat's favorite kibble.