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Industry Leader in the long-lasting Dog Chew category. Leading the way with innovative, healthy, all natural collagen based dog treats

Brands: Collachews Long-Lasting Dog Treats, TruRanch Long-Lasting Dog Treats


  • TruRanch Christmas NPS
    TruRanch Collagen Holiday themed items...

  • TruRanch Collagen Holiday themed items. all natural, long-lasting, limited ingredient, rawhide alternative
  • TruRanch Collagen Bully NPS
    TruRanch Collagen new Bully Flavor!...

  • TruRanch Collagen introduces our newest flavor, Bully!
  • TruRanch BBQ
    TruRanch Collagen BBQ humanization products...

  • TruRanch Collagen BBQ products featuring our famous chicken wings!
  • CollaChews BBQ New Product Showcase
    CollaChews BBQ humanization products...

  • CollaChews BBQ features our humanization products featuring our famous drumstick. 
  • CollaChews Falloween NPS
    CollaChews Falloween (fall + Halloween) new products...

  • CollaChews falloween showcases some of our unique seasonal flavors such as pumpkin spice!
  • CollaChews Christmas NPS
    CollaChews Christmas themed new product showcase...

  • Collachews Christmas features some of the best stocking stuffers for your pup on the market!
  • CollaChews Fish Flavor NPS
    CollaChews Fish Collagen NPS...

  • CollaChews is bringing fish collagen to the market! check out Collachews fish collagen. 
  • Rawhide 2.0 NPS
    Rawhide 2.0 brought to you my M Pet Group....

  • CollaChews dental chews are the newsest dental chew to hit the market. 
  • CollaChews Multipack NPS
    CollaChews but multiple flavors in one bag!...

  • CollaChews multipack features multiple flavors into one pack.