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Naturally Fresh

Corning,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 3813

Naturally Fresh is an exclusive walnut shell litter that offers superior odor control, absorbs 3x better than clay litter, and is silica dust free. It feels like dirt on cat kids’ paws and stamps out odors naturally – without relying on harsh perfumes. Non-toxic and biodegradable, Naturally Fresh is safe for cat kids, pet parents, and the environment.

Brands: Naturally Fresh Cat Litter. The Natural Litter for Their Natural Instincts.


  • Naturally Fresh Harmony - Lavender & Bamboo
    With the natural odor control and easy scooping of our original Quick-Clumping formula, this litter is infused with a blend of lavender and bamboo essential oils for a calming, clean, and fresh scent....

  • Introducing Lavender & Bamboo Scented Litter formulated with scientifically proven mood enhancing benefits.

    Did you know that 75% of emotions are triggered by smell? And did you know that 85% of people believe that a fragrance can positively impact on mood?

    After more than 4 years of research and partnership with world renowned academic leaders, Givaudan MoodScentz™ and Naturally Fresh™ have partnered to develop the first mood enhancing product for your family.

    This unbelievably clean, scented litter doesn’t just harness Moodscentz™, it delivers a gentle, refreshing scent that helps improve your mood.  Your positive mood state can help reduce potential fear and stress in your cat. This benefit not only pleases your cat, but it also enriches the bond you share.