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Orca Specialty Foods Ltd.

Surrey,  BC 
  • Booth: 7778

Orca Specialty is a Vancouver based seafood company.  Our sustainability mandate has us upcycling, and giving new life to our production by-products. Creating healthy and unique pet products.. We take the mystery out of seafood protein with Single Specie Products only. All our products produced under CFIA and FDA.

Find us at booth 7778

Brands: Shay's Way Toppers and treats, made from Atlantic, Steelhead, Herring and Sockeye. All Single Ingredient, Single Species! Poseidon's Pantry seafood jerky. Made from Salmon, Halibut and Cod. All Single Species.


  • Shay's Way Salmon Split Tails and Toppers
    100% Natural, Made of Alaska Sockeye salmon tails,, split and air-dried then heat treated for consumer safety. We also produce Atlantic, Steelhead and Herring wet kibble toppers. Non refrigerated with 5 year shelf life....

  • Shay's Way Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon Split Tails and Seafood Toppers are made of up-cycled by-products from our seafood processing facility in Vancouver Canada

    All our pet products are produced under CFIA, FDA and HACCP regulations as is with the primary products we produce. Shay's Way tails are first split then air-dried and heat treated for consumer safety in mind. The Split Tails are single ingredient and single species with an 18 month shelf life non refrigerated.

    Shay's Way products include kibble wet toppers in 3 varieties.  Atlantic salmon, Steelhead Trout and Pacific Herring. The toppers are retort canned (pressure cooked) in a foil pouch to eliminate any potential pathogens and allows for a 5 year shelf life non- refrigerated.  All wet toppers are single ingredient and single species products. All products are high in fat content with high levels of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Excellent for brain, skin and coat health.

    Find us at booth 7778