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Paws Gourmet Bakery  

Silverdale,  WA 
United States
  • Booth: 4576

We are a small family-owned company whose mission is to be the healthiest pet bakery with a focus on our environment. We believe that you are what you eat. Our recipes are simple, clean, and made with the highest quality ingredients from the Pacific NW. Our treats are hand-made and free of corn, wheat, soy, GMOs, and anything artificial.  Our decorated treats use colors made in-house from 100% fruit and vegetable dyes.

We offer private label and co-packing services and specialize in making custom treats. We think like retailers and are exclusive to independent pet. Our products will not be found in big box or mass markets online.

Look for our new home compostable stand-up pouches in the New Products Showcase!

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 Show Specials

  • (Aug 01, 2023)

    This offer is available on all products, except for holiday items (a separate Pre-Book Special is available for Halloween and Christmas).  Orders must be submitted on our custom SuperZoo order form and received by August 25th, 2023.  However, if you submit your order at the show, you'll receive an additional 5% off!

 Press Releases


    Paws Gourmet Bakery launches compostable packaging at SuperZoo 2023


    Silverdale, Washington – August 2023

    Paws Gourmet Bakery has two simple goals, to be the healthiest pet bakery in the United States and to constantly reduce our carbon pawprint.  To further our goal of being responsible environmental stewards, we are proud to unveil our new compostable packages on August 16th, 2023, at SuperZoo in Las Vegas.  These packages are printed with soy ink and made with 100% home compostable materials - even the clear window is biodegradable. 

    We have nine uniquely artisanal recipes that create eighteen different products.  Our packages were designed with three end goals ~ Healthy Products, Beautiful Packaging, and Environmentally Friendly!

    Another noticeable change to our packaged treats is that all varieties now come in a six-ounce package size.  This allows us to provide a lower price point, to increase merchandising flexibility, and to package orders more efficiently, resulting in reduced shipping costs. 

    Our focus on the environment doesn’t stop there.  Our five-pound bulk boxes are made from recycled materials and can be recycled again. When shipping orders, only biodegradable packing peanuts are utilized, and all shipping boxes are made from recycled cardboard.

    Our products are exclusive to the independent pet channel.  With a retail-focused perspective, Paws Gourmet Bakery provides continually evolving products as well as custom and private label options, with point-of-sale tools to help educate consumers on the benefits of healthy, nutritious treats that are also fun, whimsical, and hand made in the U.S.A. 

    To learn more about the products and future of Paws Gourmet Bakery, please visit our website or contact us at


  • Artisan Baked Treats in New Compostable Packages!
    Our entire line of hand-crafted artisan recipes has been upgraded to packaging that is made from 100% home compostable materials. We have nine recipes with 18 varieties of treats to choose from. Choose from healthy grains or grain free....

  • At Paws Gourmet Bakery, our two most important goals are to be the healthiest and most eco-friendly pet bakery in the U.S.  Our unique, artisan recipes meets our first goal, and we can now check off the second milestone with our new fully compostable packages.  These bags are made with 100% home compostable materials, even the clear window will break down! Additionally, our 5 pound bulk boxes and our shipping boxes are all made from recycled materials (and can be recycled again), which is another way we help to reduce our carbon pawprint.

    We offer nine truly unique recipes (not just the same ingredients with one flavor swappped out), five recipes are made with healthy grains and four that are grain free.  Each recipe comes in both a specially shaped treat and in bite-size training treats.  All of our compostable packages are six ounces in size and are line priced according to recipe (Healthy Grains versus Grain Free).

    Healthy Grain Recipes

    Healthy Hearts / Grr-Nola Training Treats
    Liver Crisps / Liver Crisp Training Treats (new flavor for 2023)
    Peanut Butter Carob Crunch / Peanut Butter Carob Training Treats
    Pizza Bites / Pizza Training Treats
    Pumpkin Spice Bones / Pumpkin Spice Training Treats

    Grain Free Recipes

    Banana Nut Bones / Banana Nut Training Treats
    Cheese Wheels / Six Cheese Training Treats
    Liverdoodles / Liverdoodle Training Treats
    I Heart Pot Pies / Pot Pie Training Treats

    Come check out the new products at Booth #4576 and ask about our Show Specials.  We are exclusive to the Independent Pet Channel and all of our recipes are also available through a Private Label program.  We look forward to baking for you soon!